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Critique of Last Clinic Standing ‘ by Amanda Robb

The current issue of Marie Claire features a compelling article about the last abortion clinic in South Dakota . Due to protests and assassinations of doctors who perform abortions , the clinic in Sioux Falls is the last in the entire state . Robb ‘s article is easy to read captivating , and an often scary demonstration of what the United States might be facing in the near future

Dr . Miriam McCreary is a 71 year old gynecologist who regularly travels from Minnesota to Sioux Falls to perform [banner_entry_middle]

abortions . Robb subtly emphasizes the perceived danger of working at this clinic through the example of patients unable to receive general anesthesia during abortions – there aren ‘t enough nurses willing to work at the clinic that can monitor the IV lines . Robb understands that anti-abortion advocates automatically go to the question , Why didn ‘t you use birth control ‘ Robb anticipates this argument and provides a counterargument in the form of Nancy , who is at the clinic because the combination of the pill and condoms still left her with an unwanted pregnancy

I liked that Robb provided a sense of purpose to her article – her uncle , a doctor who performed abortions – was shot because of his profession . In spite of this personal connection , Robb does not allow the article to become biased in favor of the pro-choice faction . I especially enjoyed her interview with the state representative , Roger Hunt , who has had a pivotal role in the anti-abortion legislation . His views are non-hypocritical , as he abhors abortion for any reason (rape and incest included . Robb ‘s conclusion did a great job of wrapping up the article by going back to Nancy , whose procedure is finished and will allow her the luxury of not taking on another child or painfully giving one up for adoption

Critique of The Memory Keeper ‘s Daughter

Kim Edwards ‘ book takes place in 1964 and involves a doctor , David Henry , who delivers his own twins . The first twin , a boy they name Paul is normal and healthy . The second , a girl named Phoebe , has Down ‘s Syndrome . Henry gives his daughter to the nurse to take to an institution , telling his wife that their daughter died . This sets off a chain of events that haunt everyone involved for years to come

The nurse in question is 31 year old Caroline , who is in love with David and despairs of ever having a family of her own . She can ‘t place a helpless baby in an institution , so she leaves town and raises Phoebe herself . In the ensuing years , Caroline goes from a meek , quiet woman to a strong advocate for the inclusion of mentally challenged children in the public school system . I found myself rooting for Caroline , as her love for Phoebe almost made me forget that she was abandoned by her own father

David , in addition to his work in orthopedics , becomes a famous photographer . I found his obsession with it a little boring… [banner_entry_footer]


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