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Critique of Nursing Theory

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In Focus : Faye Glenn Abdellah ‘s Patient-Centered Approaches

For years , the existence and acceptance of nursing theories in different settings and aspects of nursing practice has transformed the profession in diverse ways both here and abroad . The utilization of such theories has provided the nursing community with specific knowledge and ways to enhance and develop skills and attitudes of nursing professionals in the practice of the profession . It has greatly helped in creating and sustaining our professional independence from the field of medicine by guiding our educational system , research methods and practice [banner_entry_middle]

towards safe and quality care to patients (Marriner-Tomey , 1994 McLemore Hill , 1965

The significance of studying nursing theories does not end with the benefits it may serve the profession in general . It also helps an individual , either a student or a nursing professional in several ways An individual is able to develop critical thinking skills , able to differentiate values and hypotheses and able to find out purpose of functions in relation to the scope of practice of the nursing profession (Kozier , Erb Oliviere , 1995

In line with this , this attempts to analyze and evaluate a relevant nursing conceptual model authored by a renowned nurse theorist – Faye Glenn Abdellah , using the J . Fawcett ‘s Framework of Analysis and Evaluation of Conceptual Models of Nursing

Influenced by Virginia Henderson ‘s 14 principles of nursing , Maslow ‘s hierarchy of needs and Erik Erickson stages of development , Abdellah formulated her structural model with the goal of teaching and evaluating students and at the same time emphasize the need to create a body of knowledge exclusive to our profession that will help in gaining independence from the control of the medical profession toward patient-centered care (Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing , 1998

Faye Glenn Abdellah authored the typology of 21 nursing problems which was initially published in the 1960 edition of Patient-Centered Approaches to Nursing . Since its initial appearance , the typology had major impact on the nursing profession as well as on the development of other nursing theories (Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing , 1998

Abdellah ‘s typology of 21 nursing problems is a conceptual model which describes the significant concerns of nursing instead of linking different relationships into phenomena . The conceptual model is mainly concerned with patient ‘s needs and the role of nurses in problem identification using a problem-solving approach . Abdellah ‘s work is classified under the nursing philosophy category in the sense that her work is based on analysis , rationalization , research and logical argument instead of using experiential methods . Logically speaking Abdellah ‘s model can be described as inductive since she derived observations from previous studies which became the basis for her conceptualization . Philosophical statements are said to be based on opinions , arguments or propositions of different people . These statements are not experimental in nature because such statements based on goal , traditions and /or values cannot be tested for its correctness or wrongness (Marriner-Tomey , 1994

In analyzing and evaluating Abdellah ‘s theory , her work… [banner_entry_footer]


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