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Critique of The Janjaweed in Darfur

Contributing to the complexity of the problems in Darfur (the clashes the violence , murder , and lawlessness ) is the media ‘s attempt to step in and help to find a solution . Instead of helping , however , their attempts are only making the conflict more confusing while simplifying the conflict by implying that there is a clear solution . Mostly , the blame of the conflict is focused on a groups commonly referred to as the Janjaweed

Hoile explores the propaganda [banner_entry_middle]

behind the conflict , specifically in regards to the definition of Janjaweed , or the lack thereof . The Janjaweed , as Hoile explains through lengthy examples , simile , and interview , are essentially a scapegoat : a group to place blame upon or to justify the conflicts that are taking place

The main issue facing Darfur is civil war . The U .N . and other international communities have been trying to find ways to disarm the tribal communities in Africa , to no avail . This is due in part , as Hoile states , to The simple fact is that no-one has arrived at an objective definition of the term Janjaweed (Hoile Hoile ‘s theoretical approach to the issue is that if the Janjaweed can be defined , then they can more clearly be singled out and warring tribes more easily noted and disarmed . The main and underlying issue however , is disarmament . The problem is that no one seems to be able to do it

There are also other factors that contribute to this issue . For instance , the actual need for arms seems inevitable . Everyone has a gun . Everyone has a gun because if they don ‘t , they are left defenseless . There are battles over water , battles over men , and battles over battles . The region is virtually killing itself off

The media has not been very helpful in finding solutions to the problem , as it finds itself unable to resist projecting the image of government-supported Arab ‘ – Janjaweed ‘ – militias attacking African ‘ villagers (and in doing so often merely echoing questionable rebel claims (Hoile

No one really knows who the Janjaweed ‘ are . Assertions that the government controls the Janjaweed ‘ – and that it can turn their activites off and on like a tap- have distorted the reality of evnts (Hoile . Hoile goes on to point out that the Janjaweed ‘ are the fallback guys for most crimes and travesties committed , but often as well are the perpetrators

The main issue that this raises is that there really truly is no viable Janjaweed . It is a generic term used for Arabs . ‘Janjawiid ‘ has been used to denote Arab militias since the late 1980s ‘Arab ‘ is ambiguous and fluid in Darfur .disarmament is out of the question as long as there is no effective law enforcement (Hoile

The author presents the arguments clearly and with substantial examples . He clearly makes it known that there is no possible solution until the Janjaweed ‘ become a distinct group


Hoile , David . The Janjaweed in Darfur ‘ Darfur in Perspective… [banner_entry_footer]


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