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Critical Thinking

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Critical Thinking as Decision-Making Tool

Nowadays it is the era of information culture and most facts come from critical thinking . Therefore , people face regularly with information about which they have to make proper decisions . While making attempts to make up relevant explanations and conclusions , people are trying to find correct path . Critical thinking is the vital component of decision-making process and business as a whole . Critical thinking is the process of determining the accuracy , authenticity and worth of data and information , arguments , knowledge and claims . Critical thinking is evaluation and assessment [banner_entry_middle]

of a particular situation or problem and choosing a path to investigation that leads to finding the best possible answers (Feldman 2002 ) Critical thinking is generating analyzing and examining ideas , learning to be cautious and sympathetic learning to manipulate

The key point of critical thinking is to find and marshal good arguments and information , to avoid distortion and manipulation , to define truth and fallacies before product advertising . Actually , it helps expert to develop new approaches , to attract new customers and to retain the power on the old ones . Decision-making should be critical in its thinking and deliver properly selected and analyzed promotional plans , find technical solutions to existing problems , design new production lines , etc

Critical thinkers realize the importance of skills and use them properly to fid new ideas and concepts . However , there are different styles of critical thinking leading to deeper understanding of a situation

the explorer is curious and seeks new developments as well as he prefers to define core elements of either problem or situation

the student is diligent and tries to correct existing errors as well as he research alternatives to existing problems

the warrior is able to face difficult tasks , to challenge them and to persevere

the navigator always looks ahead and guides others as well as is skillful in planning course of action to be taken

the detective tolerates ambiguity , pursues elusive element of fact and questions his own ideas and thoughts (Feldman 2002

Critical thinking gives business experts and employees an opportunity to develop new fresh solutions to problems . Critical thinking gives the possibility to enjoy analyzing data and information and then to develop opinions and conclusions . In many cases employees analyze what is wrong with the idea or on-going process and then try to point out how to make this process right . Critical thinking as a decision-making tool is used when it is necessary

to increase brand loyalty

to increase visibility and awareness of the goods and services that are being delivered

to stimulate increase in sales

to create opportunities to display products

to be socially responsible

to entertain customers and prospects (Harris 1998

The purpose of critical thinking in decision-making process is rather three-fold : it has to be relevant to the segment of target market it has to be memorable and recognizable beyond the moment of its exposure it has to attract attention of indented viewer . In decision-making process critical thinking is a generative and lateral force , because it allows… [banner_entry_footer]


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