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critical analysis on westside story musical play

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`How Do You Measure A Year : A Reaction to the Movie Rent by Chris Columbus (Based on Jonathan Larson ‘s Pulitzer and Tony Award-winning Musical

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The movie `RENT ‘ is set in New York City ‘s East Village . This film showcases the life of seven different individuals struggling to live and pay their rent . These people are all striving , and up to a certain extent [banner_entry_middle]

, starving artists facing the social dilemmas of poverty , illness drug addiction and AIDS

The film revolves on the basic tenet that the life of individuals have often been measured by the amount of money or level of educational attainment that one may have . But when people would only look beyond the material considerations that one would get from such rewards , the happiness and contentment that one may have would never be equaled as when a person actually experiences true love . The movie entails that life is better measured by the amount of smiles and the number of people that we have loved and by the multitude of those who are willing to love us back

Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes . Five hundred twenty-five thousand moments so dear . Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes . How do you measure , measure a year

How do we really measure a year ? There has never been any particular manner as to how to properly recognize the year that has passed in the life of individuals . That is , we always celebrate the coming of a new year , yet we have never experienced the same exhilaration for the passing of the one before it . Sure , we thank God for all that he has given us at the same breath that we hope and fervently pray that the coming year would be even more bountiful . But we never take time to really appreciate what has been bestowed upon us . We seldom recount the blessings that we have received . We rarely look back on what has transpired that has brought us into the brink of the new year . Yet when momentous events or heartbreaking days filled our previous year , we dwell on it forever . We would always remember it as the year we lost a loved , mourned for some thing or felt some pure and raw emotion that made us into who we are

How do we measure a year – by the manner by which we look at it . One year may not mean much to a business executive as compared to a fresh graduate in search of the perfect job . Twelve months is nothing to a college student drowning in heaps and loads of school works in relation to an expectant mom spending her nights in prayer that everything would go well . Three hundred sixty-five days would appear insignificant to someone with nothing much to do as he is content and confident that he has… [banner_entry_footer]


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