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Criminology – three theoretical perspectives – Willie Bosket`s Behavior – based on the book All Gods Childern

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Born March 6 , 1941

To : Marie Hickson and James Bosket

Brief history of James (Butch ) Bosket : Butch Bosket was born and raised on Ninth Street in the African-American section of Augusta , Georgia His father James was an alcoholic who beat on his wife and son . The father abandoned them and disappeared . Then his mother left Butch with his grandmother Frances and never came back for him . Butch grew up as an orphan of Ninth Street , always alone . He learned begging , gambling hustling , fighting , and stealing as a [banner_entry_middle]

child . He joined the boys ‘ gang that ruled Ninth Street . He killed another boy when he was eight Butch had no human attachments and lived by the street code of defending his honor

Example of behavior 1 : Butch was sent to the Wiltwyck residential treatment center for emotionally disturbed boys , which specialized in rehabilitation . He immediately displayed an innate gift for art . At first , he was always fighting and destroying his own work and that of the other boys . He rarely finished a painting . Butch was painting an Indian when he began to attack his painting , causing the teacher to believe Butch thought the painting had come to life . Butch lost touch with reality in a psychotic break . After such an attack , he felt the need to attack and blame other objects and people , such as the brush the paint , his pictures , the art room , and the people around him . Butch had not made a mistake . The table had bewitched him . He was projecting his own suspicions which , outside of art , made him hostile and paranoid He was sure everyone was against him , and to make sure of this he behaved to turn people against him . Butch was saved by his ability to anticipate an outburst and because he could make friends

Discussion (1 ) Differential Opportunity Theory — Butch admittedly never became friends with boys other than those who lived on the street He learned their beliefs and commitments to violent behavior . He joined a criminal gang and idolized criminals . He had no access to legitimate education or behavioral models . There are several problems with this theory . This fails to explain his psychoses and delusions and belief that the paint of an Indian came to life . It also does not explain why all poor kids do not become criminals or join gangs . The theory also makes it sounds as if there are only two routes – good and bad (2 ) Crime and Labeling Theories – At this point , while Butch ‘s criminal tendencies are very evident , he is considered too young to label . Labeling is performed by the observers and experts and not by the criminals . There is no explanation given or seen why Butch started out on his criminal path since he was living with his grandmother , who was working all the time . The book indicates that he did have some non-criminal adult role models . Also , despite his lack of formal education , he was very intelligent and creative . As a… [banner_entry_footer]


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