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Crimes by foreigners in Japan-Chinese crime in Japan

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Crimes by Foreigners in Japan

Chinese Crime in Japan



Japan is known as a disciplined country . A society based upon the traditional ways of dealing with social chaos . However , as the era of globalization comes into the picture of worldwide industrialization , the highly-disciplined community of the Japanese race has been influenced by the foreigners who are coming in and out of the country . As a result of this , the crime rate in Japan has continuously been growing during the [banner_entry_middle]

past years . Certainly , the prosperity that has been brought about by globalization has also caused much chaos in terms of social discipline The Japan Times noted : Economic prosperity has produced a leisure youth class such as traditional Japanese society never had before . We are not accustomed to the problems innate in this . Thus , to underscore another point in the (National Police ) agency ‘s report , the upsurge in juvenile delinquency is marked by an increase in `crimes for fun Although Japan has been successful in becoming one of the richest nations on earth materially , many of her citizens are saddened by the deterioration in the quality of life . Material prosperity has not brought happiness , but rather greater anxiety , fears and distress . There has also been a terrible deterioration in morals . In the climate of prosperous big-

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City life immorality has become widespread . Declared the director of the Public Sanitation Bureau of the Health and Welfare Ministry , Tadashi Takizawa : It is estimated that there are roughly 2 .5 million syphilis patients in Japan now ‘ Crime has also become rampant . Apartment dwellers are fearful of every caller . Adult gangsterism flourishes There are over a hundred gangs with some 34 ,000 members in Japan . Also juvenile crime is increasing sharply

The National Police Agency of Japan , in a report on the public morality of that country , showed that there was a shocking breakdown . Sex crimes are increasing everywhere . Among the 4 ,419 females arrested last year for prostitution were many high-school students . In Kyoto , police broke up a mass sex orgy involving 72 girls and 30 boys , all high-school seniors . Contributing to the decay of morals was the appearance for the first time in 1971 of the Rentaru Rumu ‘ or rooms for rent on an hourly basis . They are attracting an increasing number of young people especially teen-agers

With these truths , it could be noticed that the country that was once known to be the safest and most disciplined society is now noted to be having the fastest growing crime rates in the world . As mentioned earlier , much of this social change in Japan has been recreated when the barriers of the country was opened to foreigners who would like to visit Japan

This is mainly the reason why among the highest rating crime offenders in Japan though are the Chinese people living , working and visiting the land . Like Japan , China

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