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Crime Causation

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Aileen Carol Wuornos is known as the first female serial killer in the United States . Her name will be forever branded for the infamous crimes she committed as well as her violent , outspoken persona , which have been documented in newss , docudramas , and a feature film . This essay will discuss the biological theory and the social control theory to explain the causation of Aileen Wuornos ‘ crimes

Abandoned by her teenage mother and father , Wournos and her older brother were adopted by her maternal grandparents in 1960 where she lived in an environment plagued [banner_entry_middle]

with neglect and abuse . During her elementary school years , a teacher recognized Wuornos ‘ inability to hear during class . When the potential existence of a disability was brought to the attention of her grandmother , it was ignored

Former neighbors testified in a 2001 appeal hearing that Wuornos was beaten by her grandfather , a heavy drinker , and she regularly abused LSD , marijuana , alcohol and mescaline . One witness stated he had sex with Wuornos , on various occasions , when she was only 10 years old . She was known amongst her peers for trading sex for money , drugs , and alcohol during her preteen and teenage years . In 1969 , Wuornos ‘ father a convicted pedophile and sociopath , hanged himself in prison . It was then Wuornos learned that her maternal grandparents were not her biological parents . She then began to exhibit a violent temper (she attempted to stab her siblings on separate occasions ) and frequently carried a knife while hitchhiking locally

At age fourteen , Wuornos became pregnant and claimed her brother fathered her child . After putting her son up for adoption in 1971 (and after the death of her grandmother later the same year , Wuornos ‘ and her brother became wards of the state of Michigan . Before completing her freshman year , Wuornos dropped out of high school . Although she returned after the birth of her son , she dropped out again at age 17 Within two years , her brother and grandfather died she had married and divorced (within 30 days ) a 69 year old man and began her life as a hitchhiking prostitute across the United States

Between 1974 and 1986 , Wuornos ‘ illicit crimes escalated from prostitution to include disly conduct , disturbing the peace , drunk driving , assault , shoplifting , trespassing , armed robbery , breaking and entering , forgery , resisting arrest , unlawful possession of a firearm and theft . She traveled from her birthplace , Rochester , Michigan to Colorado , back to Michigan and hitchhiked to Florida , where she continued to prostitute along the Florida highways . In 1986 , she met and entered into a lesbian relationship with Tyra Moore . The two traveled together for four years while Wuornos continued to prostitute and rob the men she solicited

Between 1989 and 1990 , Wuornos killed six men (possibly seven , all of whom she claimed she killed in self-defense . Wuornos contended that all of her victims had sexually assaulted her during their encounters . The personal belongings of several victims were pawned , and Wuornos stole all of the victims ‘ vehicles , later abandoning them . She was caught in January of… [banner_entry_footer]


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