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Creative practice must produce something new by rejecting the forms of the past:discuss

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Art :Revere the Past , Create the Present KET[7184]

It is true that the past masters of art and sculpture were simply nonpareil and their works of art still captivate us . There is no gainsaying the fact that we have a lot of cue to take from them . But , we must be aware of the fact that there can be no compromise on the part of Creativity on the part of the new artists and painters . The arts and sculptures of the yesteryears can be put in the front as inspiration from where new [banner_entry_middle]

thoughts can evolve . Thus , creativity must give a new direction to further research on art and sculpture

Why should the past be added importance to ? It is because of the rich history that remains cocooned in the days of the past . The rich flicks of the brush , the putting the blobs of paints on the canvas in right pattern , the use of light and dark through the interesting effects of chiaroscuro -are inherited as legacy from the past , from the artists of the past , to be precise . But did not our artists of the present times think of inventing new methods to add extra flourish , extra charm to the already-devised techniques of painting and sculpting

Yes , our artists have achieved that . And that is why art galleries are fraught with varied paintings of varied techniques , of numerous styles and characteristics . If we veer our attention to the two renowned artists of the Renaissance period :Leonardo da Vinci and Rembrandt . Why do we choose Renaissance Period ? There is a reason behind it . During Renaissance , the human form was finding manifestation in art and sculpture with greatest possible perfection . We are all acquainted with the artistic appeal of Leonardo ‘s famous picture Monalisa . The Last Supper ‘ equally impresses us , not because artistic appeal , but because of the subtlety and complexity that remain associated with it In a compilation of Vinci ‘s paintings from Grail Books , Norway , it is written , Leonardo ‘s contribution to humanity appears even today so profound and real that it is as though this extraordinary artist mind must have foreseen the spiritual needs ,the aspirations and the technical achievements of modern times . His greatness was recognized even while he lived ,and without him the Renaissance as a whole would have fallen short of those spiritual conquests that brought light to all European civilization ‘[Santillana ,George ,Leonardo da Vinci , Grail BooksNorway ,1996] Leonardo ‘s The Last Supper is really a lesson to the students of art as ample scope is there to innovate on linear dimensions , chiaroscuro on Christ ‘s face and other artistic details The nitty-gritty of human forms finds meaning and definition in Leonardo ‘s paintings

Again , Rembrandt ‘s paintings are pointers to a particular era in which the significance of chiaroscuro , the crisscross effect of light and darkness was immense . Let us concentrate on a few paintings by Rembrandt . For example , in Jeremiah lamenting the destruction of Jerusalem the chiaroscuro itself sets the emotional… [banner_entry_footer]


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