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Creation/ intelligent design model

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Creationism is the belief that matter , the various forms of life , and the world was created by God out of nothing . Biblical creationists believe that the story told in Genesis of God ‘s six-day creation of the universe and all living things is literally correct . Scientific creationists believe that a creator made all that exists . However , in 1859 , Charles Darwin introduced the theory of biological evolution and this spurred renewed discussion among conservative religious groups . In the late 18th century , an Anglican clergyman named William Paley presented an argument that God ‘s [banner_entry_middle]

design could be seen in life which means that physical and biological systems observed in the universe result from purposeful design by an intelligent being rather than from chance or undirected natural processes . In the late 20th century , many creationists advocated a view known as intelligent design , which was essentially a scientifically modern version of the argument presented by Paley but the arguments have become far more technical , delving into microbiology and mathematical logic

Intelligent design was formulated in the 1990s , primarily in the United States , as an explicit refutation of the Darwinian theory of biological evolution . Proponents of Intelligent Design presented several evidence and data to support their model of human origin . According to their studies and observations , the functional parts and systems of living organisms are irreducibly complex ‘ in the sense that of their component parts can be removed without causing the whole system to cease functioning . From this premise they inferred that no such system could have come about through the gradual alteration of functioning precursor systems by means of random mutation and natural selection which the evolutionary theory account maintains . Therefore , Intelligent Designer proponents states that an intelligent designer must have created living organisms all at once . In presenting their evidence and data , they generally avoided identifying the designer with the God of Christianity or other monotheistic religions because they wished the doctrine to be taught as a legitimate scientific alternative to evolution in public schools in the United States , where the government is constitutionally prohibited from promoting religion . Despite the fact that there is an overwhelming argument of their critics against their theories intelligent design advocates continue to believe and support their position because they want to convince the public , politicians , and cultural leaders that schools should teach their theories

However , despite the evidences presented by Intelligent Design Creationists , their critics argued that their evidences rest on a fundamental misunderstanding of natural selection and that they ignored the existence of precursor systems in the evolutionary history of numerous organisms . These critics pronounced that intelligent design evidences and data are not tested and therefore not scientific . They claim that intelligent design stand is in opposition to conventional biological science , which relies on experimentation to explain the natural world through observed physical processes such as mutation and natural selection . They state that intelligent design has not presented a credible scientific case but merely attempt to teach religion in public schools , which the United States… [banner_entry_footer]


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