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Creating with Sound

April 1, 2016 | Author: | Posted in technology, web design

HYPERLINK “http /www .nike .com /main .html ” www .nike .com /main .html

This website is one of the few websites which allows the visitors to have music as they surf the site . The flash introduction as well as the navigation features of the website feature sound clips from contemporary musicians . The great feature here is the manner in which the music was incorporated into the website to keep up the image that the company is trying to sell . With start up videos and music that can be turned on and off , this website [banner_entry_middle]

is one of the better designed websites that have been created with sound . One possible way of improving this website however would be to take the sound effects a step further by allowing the visitor to select from a variety of tracks that are made available by the site . This will really heighten the experience of every visitor to this website

http /www .homestarrunner .com /main2 .html

Unlike the previous website , the sound used here was very good . The sounds are activated only when the cursor highlights the selected button . While there does not seem to be an on or off button that is visible , the website is designed for kids of a young age after all and it seems that the sounds are appropriately used

http /voice2page .com /info /reasons .html

This website features what is perhaps one of the most innovative uses of sound for a website . This website cleverly gets the attention of the visitor by opening up with an audio track that gives the visitor a preview of what is contained on the website and provides an idea of just exactly what the website is selling . The website audio is used just as the visitor enters the site . While there is no clear option to turn the audio on or off , it is still a very good use of such feature

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