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Creating New Strategies and New Insights

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Just how challenging is it to balance opposite requirements ? What are the paradoxical skills needed to integrate the diverse CVF requirements

According to our readings , it is not very challenging to balance opposite requirements because effective executives and managers are different . Their ability to function within an environment is not that of regular managers who assimilate into the company ‘s culture . Instead the effective executives and managers allow themselves time to flourish within the culture then take their initiatives to the next level . The tactical and skillful balance of their abilities allows [banner_entry_middle]

these managers to act accordingly as they transform their departments or the company into an innovative sector . A deeper look into these forms of effective management is very important through the CVF requirements

Opposite requirements involves the managers exceeding the current `standards ‘ within the organization without disregarding their policies A manager with these sorts of qualities is invaluable for a company or department ‘s success . The paradoxical skills needed to integrate diverse CVF requirements includes innovative , imaginative , decisive , and directness . A manager without these qualities could hinder the movement of an organization ‘s goals or purposes . The ability to use one ‘s innovative skills means to be assertive with one ‘s superiors (or Vice Presidents ) within their organizations . A strong manager with the imaginative skill can sway the director ‘s motives by participating fully . Integrating strong decision-making skills and processes allows strong coordination between departments thus , the effective executive moves the company without being the one fully in charge

Creating New Strategies and New Insights… [banner_entry_footer]


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