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create a Word document=A nursing office memorandum

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SECTION Inter-office Memorandum

To : All Nursing Personnel

From : Administration Department

Subject : Leave Applications


As per Hospital Policy , all available leave entitlements for the year must be availed on or before the last week of March the following year In consideration of those who have a balance of more than 7 days leave entitlement from 2006 , the Hospital is allowing you to avail them until December 31 , 2007

For those who are planning to take a vacation , kindly submit your leave applications on [banner_entry_middle]

the following schedules (For leave entitlement from 2006 to 2007

Scheduled Leave Date of Leave Application

Within January 29 to March 31 , 2007 On or before January 31 , 2007

Within April 1to June 30 , 2007 On or before April 30 , 2007

Within July 1 to September 30 , 2007 On or before July 31 , 2007

Within October 1 to December 31 , 2007 On or before October 31 , 2007 Also , be reminded to attach medical certificate when filing 3 or more days Sick Leave . Failure to attach the required medical certificate shall render the d sick leave application disapproved and will automatically be deducted from your salary /vacation leave entitlement

Finally , as has been previously agreed , the following nursing personnel may not be able to for scheduled vacation leaves until the Human Resource department issues a formal authorization

New nursing personnel who have less than six months of stay in the hospital

Nursing personnel who are currently undergoing training

Nursing personnel who have been tardy for five or more times within the last two months

Nursing personnel who have been assigned to the Emergency Room for at least one month

Kindly be guided accordingly PAGE 3… [banner_entry_footer]


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