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Create a plan for system development

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Management Information System Development Plan


The Fit Center is one of the fast-growing fitness service providers in the city of Oakland , California . It has grown from one fitness organization into five with 30 employees in each center . The customer base has also grown from 150 to 650-strong and loyal clients

The functional organizational chart of The Fit Center is shown in Figure 1 showing three Divisions headed by Directors and a functional units under the three divisions . The five branches of The Fit Center are to the [banner_entry_middle]

Operations Division .The Director of Marketing , Sales Customer Relations initiated an improvement undertaking focused on the design , development , and implementation of integrated management information linking all the organizational components of The Fit Center – the Office of the Managing Director , the three Divisions , and the 10 functional units including the sub-units

This new system will be used by both the members and fitness consultants to track interaction of the various fitness activities , such as free weights , volleyball , swimming , stair climbers , and yoga and aerobic classes

One of the performance objectives of the system is : to help members plan a fitness program to meet their particular needs

The primary purpose of this new management information system , as envisioned by the Director of Marketing , Sales Customer Relations , is to assist The Fitness Center in obtaining a competitive advantage over other fitness clubs

The Director of Finance , Administration , and Information System (FAIS is given the responsibility of the entire Management Information System Development Project (MISDP . The IT /IS (Information Technology /Information System ) under the FAIS is assigned to lead the entire MISDP . The General Support group under the FAIS is responsible for the providing general administrative support to the MISDP while the Finance group under the FAIS is responsible for providing all the necessary financial support required by the MISDP . The Operations Division is the primary recipient of the product of MISDP and the prime users of the system that will be developed by the MISDP will be the five branches of The Fitness Center the secondary users of the system will the rest of the functional units of the company The process approach ‘ of ISO 9001 :2000 (2000 ) views everything as a process . Process is defined by the standard as a set of interrelated or interacting activities which transforms inputs into outputs (p . 35 . A system is defined by the same standard as a set of interrelated or interacting elements (p . 34 . An entire business organization can be viewed as a process – that is , driven by inputs , like , a Request for Quotation (RFQ , and produces and output , like , a duly filled-up Purchase (PO it can also be viewed as system – that is , having various components inside that linked and interacting with one another these components are arranged in the form of an organization structure or organization chart and the components are the various functional units of said organization furthermore , a system has a boundary and an aim . Looking at The… [banner_entry_footer]


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