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Controversy in Sport Management

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John Q . Student

Wright State UniversityControversy in Sport Management

This analyzes and evaluates a current controversy in Sport Management , presents reasons why this controversy is such an important issue , and evaluates the ramifications of the controversy in to determine what effect it could have in the future

Controversy in sport management is not a new thing . Who could forget the Mike Tyson / Evander Holyfield ear biting incident , and the shock felt around the world when South African [banner_entry_middle]

cricket captain Hansie Cronje was implicated in match fixing scandals ? And perhaps one of the biggest scandals this year has been that of cyclist Floyd Landis , who had his Tour de France title stripped from him when he tested positive for steroids

Cycling seems to be a sport tainted with drug use lately , and the controversy does not limit itself to the sports fields . It is present in sport management too . Take for example the Liberty Sugueros manager Manolo Saiz , who together with the controversial sports medic Eufemanio Fuentes , was held in a police station in Madrid after being arrested this year , along with another doctor , an official from a second team and a mountain bike professional . Four flats in the Spanish capital were raided there and in Saragossa as part of the operation – aimed at rooting out illicit doping in sports . According to the Spanish s 1000 doses of anabolic steroids and hormones and 100 drip-bags of artificially manipulated blood were found . The cops think it ‘s part of a ring . Liberty Seguros officials denied that there was any cause for concern “We ‘re staying calm because there is no room for any kind of doubt ” said the team director , Pablo Anton on The Independent Online (Extreme 365 , 2006

It ‘s not only the Spanish cycling bosses who have been involved in this type of thing lately . Basso was suspended from the 2006 Tour de France on the eve of the race for allegations stemming from the Operation Puerto doping investigation in Spain . But the Italian Cycling Federation affirmed the Italian Olympic Committee ‘s (CONI ) recommendation to drop doping charges against Ivan Basso on Friday . Basso , who split amicably with his CSC team after CONI suggested the hearings against him be dropped , is still without a team , but has been linked to Barloworld and Discovery . Though the 2004 Tour de France runner-up is now officially allowed to race by his home cycling federation , the International Cycling Union have suggested that they could challenge the Italian federation ‘s decision if they were not satisfied with its conclusions Discovery Channel boss Johan Bruyneel told Eurosport on Thursday that Basso ‘s fate would ultimately rest with the UCI (Eurosport , 2006 Although the Italian Cycling Federation ‘s loyalty to Basso is touching this seems to be , in a way , condoning his behavior . The question must be asked , what sort of a message is it sending out to the cycling fraternity ? That… [banner_entry_footer]


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