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Contemporary Art

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It simply sets him apart from the others

When the painting is divided in three parts , it somehow shows a transition in each part , depending on how you interpret it . The topmost part , having a calmer , lighter aspect , is composed of light colors , with consistent brushstrokes and little dark colors . It is dominated by light colors , especially yellow , giving a mood that seems calm and serene . If you would compare this to the life of Jackson Pollock , this is the time wherein he was not yet into arts , where he was just [banner_entry_middle]

a kid , before actually being able to create masterpieces like this one

The middle part is somewhat a continuation of the top part , but it has started to have a disarray of brushstroke and colors , wherein the dark and light colors are of equal amounts , with the distinction made by the red spots . The transition is from a somewhat serene environment , to a more complicated mixing of light and dark color aspects with already the variations of the strokes . When you compare it to the life of Jackson Pollock , this is the part where he is starting as an apprentice painter under the wing of Regionalist painter , Thomas Hart Benton . This is the awakening part , where he discovers himself as a painter , his uniqueness and abilities . In the artwork , this is the part where the red dots are found , so maybe this is an indication that this is the part that Pollock realized himself as a painter

The bottom part is the final stage of the transition , wherein it is dominated by dark colors , with a great disarray of brushstrokes . This could mean that in this stage , it is where Pollock really found himself This is the part of Pollock ‘s life where he is at his best… [banner_entry_footer]


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