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Consuming Art and Design essay

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The reports of radio , internet , television and newss all effect our perceptions . Indeed , these forms of media have a direct impact on how we see and understand the world . The news that we watch and the stories that we read all shape our world view . However , this world view is one that is not always based on the reality of the story and may , in fact tell only half of the story . In high stakes and big money arena of the media , agenda setting and consensus is a fact of life . Networks tell [banner_entry_middle]

the story that the powerful want them to and independent media is often dismissed as rogue or not credible . Developed by those in power who set specific agendas to suit their needs , the mainstream news is as the powers-that-be want us to see it . It has long been said that news , like any other product , has a price tag

Reflecting on mainstream media Noam Chomsky once said the product of the media , what appears , what doesn ‘t appear , the way it is slanted will reflect the interest of the buyers and sellers , the institutions and the power systems that are around them (Chomsky , 1997 . para . 16 The buyers and power systems control what it is that the media covers and , in essence , we are seeing what they want us to . To what extent we can believe what we hear and see and to what extent it has been manufactured by the spin doctors of those with a vested interested is something we all need to question . The larger the story , the higher the stakes the content reported about events that may impact the wealthy and influential could well be determined by the wealthy and influential themselves

But what are agenda setting and consensus and how do they shape our view of important stories ? Agenda setting can be defined as the creation by the media of public concern and awareness of problems or issues . As political scientist Bernard Cohen said as far back as 1963 , the press may not be successful much of the time in telling people what to think but it is stunningly successful in telling its readers what to think about (cited by Griffin , 2006 . The media , in essence takes a story that they have a wish to shape or control and they present it to the public in a way that alters or highlights the public awareness of the issue . If the media focuses itself enough on one issue or another , the level of importance of that issue is raised in the public perception Basically , the public starts to believe that if the media is covering that one story so much , then it has to be important . Consensus occurs when the media coordinates this effort , consciously or not , and as a result , all the networks , all newss and all mainstream information sources come to agree on coordinated and common agenda and message . As a result , it becomes very difficult to find any information other… [banner_entry_footer]


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