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Consumer Motivation

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Consumer Motivation


Beverage companies market and sell products with a solid base of consumer behavior which is market driven . Coke and pepsi are multinational brands which have tapped consumer taste and grabbed a major portion of soft drinks market all over the world through its fine flavor and taste

Use of marketers classical conditioning concepts

A psychology study of consumer behavior is an important aspect for marketing a new product . There are several segments in consumers whose psychology of buying differs in choosing a particular flavor of food or [banner_entry_middle]

br drink and it must be noticed in marketing as an important aspect . Study of consumer psychology can be undertaken through offering of samples and a feedback form , surveys , questionnaires regarding likes and dislikes of a particular product . Before any new product is commercially successful , a close observation on consumer buying must be made along with the strategies of marketing that will help to improve sales

Co-branding and licensing

Bravo foods has been widely successful in co-branding and licensing with Masterfoods USA , and with General Mills Inc . Bravo company is marketing milk as beverage and has consumer market beginning from small children to elderly people who consume milk . Offering five flavors and 6 months of shelf-life are the best marketing strategies of Bravo


Market for beverages is always available as consumer welcomes change in taste and flavor and there can be no end for human wants in beverage market . With this approach , company can take up various segments of consumers , i .e . school children , collegians , employees with samples and consider feed back of taste and undertake marketing to make the product a commerial success


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