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Consumer Behaviour

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Methods of reducing risk would be applied depending upon the situation . Endorsements or testimonials may be used as a risk reliever provided the buyer has confidence in the individual who gives the product endorsement , of course the loyal customers of American Apparel would contact the management directly for clearance of any doubts

Evaluation of Alternatives : The consumer compares and contrasts the alternatives in relation to the motives and evaluative criteria significant to the consumer . Economic buying motives would include product efficiency in operation , dependability in quality , or economy in use [banner_entry_middle]

. Emotional buying motives would include emulation , pleasure prestige , ambition , or romance . Product buying motives would include simplicity in operation or ease of installation . Patronage buying motives would include reliability of the seller , variety for selection or fulfillment of exact specifications . This stage can be waived as the virtual second world has got lesser completion when it comes virtual dressing . In case of National Fisheries Marketing , the company has to provide many services and sales promotional offers to keep the customer loyal as there are numerous alternatives for them Purchase Decision : The consumer selects an alternative from the set of alternatives that could solve the purchasing problem . Personal influence may be especially important for individuals who lack confidence in their ability to evaluate the value of a product , this include those who are although loyal o American Apparel but are not so social or may have less knowledge of computer and internet usage . The purchase act includes deciding where to buy , agreeing to terms of sale , and learning

Postpurchase Behaviour : After the purchase the consumer can exhibit one or a combination of three types of behaviour : dissonance reducing behaviours , satisfying and dissatisfying behaviours , and further purchasing behaviours . Dissonance reducing behaviours are necessary if the consumer feels considerable conflict about whether it… [banner_entry_footer]


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