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Conservation`s Power

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Conservation Power

It is difficult for people to shift the way they do things to a new module of action . Much of this derives from the fact that people are comfortable with what they have familiarity and will generally avoid shifting gears and taking their life into a direction that is different from what they are used to . This is why many people refuse to examine alternative energy and conservation seriously

This is distressing as there are a number of alternative energy /conservation methods that could greatly impact household budgets for [banner_entry_middle]

the better . For example , many people are constantly embattled with high heating costs . These costs result from having to use traditional oil heating for the home that go hand in hand with high gas bills . There is an easy alternative to such bills and it can be found by heating one ‘s residence with a wood burning modified furnace for inside a home Beyond the initial cost of purchasing and installing the furnace , there is very little need to spend money on anything other than wood and upkeep of the furnace . The furnace will , in fact , pay for itself in the manner in which it drastically reduced (if not eliminates ) monthly gas expenses

The wood burning furnace is a mere microcosm of the alternative energy and conservation methods of power . On a grander scale , there are such items as electric cars or the more practical ethanol fuel powered cars windmills provide an excellent alternative source of electrical power nuclear power has been used quite effectively by nations such as Japan as a means of alternative energy although use of nuclear reactors is considered controversial in the United States and many others

If there was a problem with the expansion of alternative energy , it would be the lack of venture capital . In other words , there is little public or private money going into

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the research of alternative energy sources . People who invest their money do so in to see a return on their investment and alternative energy methods can be a somewhat risky venture . However , if one business turns out to be successful , then it will surely lead to an avalanche of venture capital that will hopefully power ‘ the conservation and alternative energy world into a more prominent place

Until that time , people will have to put more effort into looking for viable energy conservation methods that are available to them . The wood burning furnace is one such example . Because of the very limited nature of what is available to people in terms of alternative energy sources the ability for people to convert to such alternatives will be limited Hopefully , more and more `little things ‘ such as the furnace will continue to grow in popularity and a full blown industry of alternative energy will develop… [banner_entry_footer]


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