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Congenital Heart Disease

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Elderly patients especially require continuity of care in to ensure that the doctor understands his or her needs . In that sense , Dawn ‘s plan could backfire . Nancy has now antagonized the nurses by destabilizing their union , and offering incentives to work faster can lead to a lack of attention to detail . Nancy once again may alienate the patients by allowing the nurses less time to tend to more needy patients . As nurses are on the front lines of patient care , this is the wrong place to cut costs . Finally , the presence of unions [banner_entry_middle]

is limiting Dawn ‘s ability to cut hours and to fire or replace employees . The union ‘s purpose is to fight for their members , so Dawn has a battle ahead

A health care facility that is for profit needs to balance its bottom line with its consideration for patient care . In Dawn ‘s case , the ideal outcome is to cut costs without alienating patients and employees This goal is going to be difficult to attain therefore , she must decide which is more important , the employees ‘ job satisfaction and ability to provide quality care , or patient satisfaction with the quality of care and value for their health care expenditures . A non profit health care facility can concentrate on their patients and the quality of care , but they must work within the restraints of the amount of money they ‘re able to bring in under their charter . Non profit facilities need to raise money through grants and donations , which means hiring additional staff to raise money

If I were Dawn , the first piece of information I would require would be the names of the union stewards . I would need to meet with them explain the situation and the need to cut costs , and find a way to work together… [banner_entry_footer]


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