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Concert Report

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Concert Review


Mozart : Overture to ‘The Marriage of Figaro

Mozart Overture ‘Sinfornia Concertante

Mozart Symphony no .41 in G Minor


San Diego Symphony Orchestra

William Preucil , Violin

Cynthia Phelps ,Viola

David Atherton ,Conductor


The program opened with a spirited performance of the overture to Mozart ‘s Marriage of

Figaro under the direction of guest conductor David Atherton . In this well-played performance

David had the orchestra pay careful attention to clarity and balance The payoff was a sprightly

account of this [banner_entry_middle]

favorite . The sense of fun is there from the start with clean articulation and a

solid sound , topped off with the brightness of the piccolo trumpet , who does on occasion sound a

little isolated from the rest . Crescendi are well-judged , with accents carefully placed , but not

exploding like musket shots as can sometimes be the case when a brass band tackles a Mozart

overture ‘ The playing was splendid , as it was in an amazingly fleet neat , and accurate

performance of Mozart ‘s “Marriage of Figaro ” overture

The orchestra is a sleek virtuoso band it responds with feline grace to the demands of the

music . It whispers and lilts , and then roars when called for . The textures are always clear , and the

balance perfect . I can ‘t imagine a finer instrumental ensemble : nimble lithe , transparent , sweet

and flexible , yet capable of crisp , robust and powerful fortissimos

The orchestra gives the impression of being able to play anything effortlessly , and more

importantly with nuance , shape , and gusto in abundance

Review 2 . Mozart ‘s Sinfornia Concertonite

The second half of the program was given to Mozart , and added to my delight was the

sight and sound of a fortepiano continuo . Violinist William Preucil and violist Cynthias Phelps

performed as soloists in the Sinfonia Concertante , K . 364 of Mozart . In what is surely one of the

most engaging works of all time , Preucil and Phelps avoided flashy effects and strove for

sensitivity and delicacy in their reading . It was a success not by brilliance but by strategy — the

score provides all the greatness one needs , and nothing need be added to bring out that marvel

the Sinfonia Concertante for violin and viola brought the first half to an intense conclusion

Preucil brought a floating quality to the violin part , whilst violist Phelps deep tone gave the viola

part a searing passion

The first movement showed at once how excellent the communication between

conductor , soloists and orchestra was going to be . For instance , the interplay between clarinets

and soloists in the opening bars already demonstrated the brilliance of Mozart ‘s instrumentation

Also notable was the equality between the viola , an underused instrument in Mozart ‘s day , and

the violin

C minor is the key of the second movement , and it ‘s one of Mozart ‘s most deeply felt . The

way he piles up the different lines , with the violin and viola sections of the orchestra each

divided into two groups , creates a dramatic sonic effect . This was the highlight of the… [banner_entry_footer]


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