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Computer Virus

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Computer Virus (Author (Author Affiliation

Computer Virus

A computer virus is piece of self-replicating program or code that has the ability to partially or fully attach itself to your computer s or applications (Zetter , 2000 ? 1 . Once the computer virus is running it infects the s , documents or programs , causing your computer to execute things or commands you would otherwise not want it to do

The analogy with the biological virus is on account of two points , as follows

Transmission process . A computer virus transmits from [banner_entry_middle]

machine to machine , similar to person-to-person transmission for biological viruses

Process of Replication . A biological virus needs a host cell to inject its DNA for reproduction . Similarly , a computer virus requires a host machinery – s or applications – in to be executed and able to infect other documents or programs (All About Computer Viruses , n .d 2


The first computer virus that appeared outside the creating computer or laboratory or ‘in the wild ‘ is a program termed Elk Cloner . The first virus , written as a joke by the then high school student Rich Skrenta in 1982 , infected the Apple DOS 3 .3 operating system and then spread through floppy disks . The first PC virus , on the other , termed Brain , is believed to be a boot sector virus created by two Pakistani brother in 1986 (Computer Virus , 2006 “History

Factors behind the early spread

The successful early propagation of computer viruses had been due to several factors

Spread of Personal Computers in the 1980s . With the release and subsequent popularity of IBM ‘s PC and Apple ‘s Macintosh , personal computers became widespread in business offices , homes and college campuses

Popularity of computer bulletin boards that facilitated downloading of games and other programs . The use of Bulletin boards led to the forerunner of the computer virus , the Trojan horse

The use of the floppy disk . In the 1980s , most computer systems were not equipped with hard disks such that the operating system was loaded from the floppy disk . This made the computer vulnerable to whatever infection is caught by the floppy disk (All About Computer Viruses , n .d 3

Types of viruses

There are many thousands of viruses existing out there . Many types of computer viruses have evolved in the wild but they are generally classified into the following

Boot Sector – has the ability to replace or implant itself in the boot sector of the hard drive . Because the boot sector is the area accessed when the computer is turned on , this virus type could prevent you from booting your hard disk

Virus – as the name implies , this virus affects s and applications . The virus is spread when as it infects associated s and other application as they are run or opened

Macro Virus – generally affects Microsoft Office applications such as MS Word and Excel . This type of virus , written using a simplified kind of macro programming language , makes up around 75 percent of all viruses in the wild

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