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Computer Sciences Final Project

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Title Educational Computer Game : Adventure Background Ninety-two percent of youngsters ages 2-17 now play video or computer games (Walsh , Gentile , VanOverbeke Chasco , 2002 . Playing computer games reduces the children ‘s time spent on learning more important parts of their education . In many countries , children spend more time on video and computer games than on the more ‘serious ‘ types of computer use (Fromme , 2002 . The aim of this project is to take advantage of children ‘s interest towards computer games and make this as the medium to teach them mathematics , sciences [banner_entry_middle]

and spelling

Recently there are a number of educational computer games found in the web . They are all interesting but they are consists of similar routines that makes them a little bit repetitive when you play them for a long time . The author believes that there are still many ways to make educational computer games more interesting

Since it involves user interactions within a web page , Java is one of the best tools in creating this computer game . It has all the needed graphical capabilities and data handling to create this on-line game

Objectives To create an interesting computer game that incorporates a way of teaching children in the form of a computer game

To learn java applets servlets

To learn the principles of artificial intelligence on computer games

justification Since most of the educational Java programs focused on one routine like selecting the right choice from a set of objects , there are a number of ideas that can be added to make the games more attractive and exciting . The ideas that we need to incorporate are the following

Variability of conditions the discipline needed in every move should be variable like mathematics , followed by spelling or science

Memory of present level and capabilities which they store and start with when starting a new session

Obstacle employing artificial intelligence which would add more excitement to the game such as enemies willing to block the player in its path

Ability to configure your character to the traits that a player wants such as a knight , a wizard or another character

A Goal in every adventure such as saving a princess to provide the player direction in every session

Defined step such as moving from one box to another like chess , each box has a random of possibilities , such as a mathematical question with a bonus or a spelling question with serious consequence if not answered correctly

To date the author has not encountered any educational computer game which satisfies the 6 ideas presented above

Scope Creating the game ‘s mechanics , researching for the best questions learning the necessary skills for developing applets , and studies on how to implement artificial intelligence for the obstacles

The initial game will be designed for children within the age of 5 to 8 years old . Thus it will only cover the following areas in each discipline as shown below


Addition /Subtraction and Division of numbers


Solar System

Organs of the human body

Spelling… [banner_entry_footer]


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