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Computer hacking

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In the article entitled , Computer expert accused of hacking government sites , by Greg Krikorian , Victor Faur and his group of hackers , called the WhiteHat Team , have been charged with hacking into NASA computers . Not only did he compile a list of usernames and passwords , but he downloaded information on to their system in to make it available to the members of his group . His group would then use the system to chat with each other and , in general , thumb their noses at the government . Faur chose to hack into NASA because their computer [banner_entry_middle]

br system has a reputation of being very secure . It is , after all , a government entity as well as the pinnacle of scientific research . Faur ‘s hacking activities were a slap in the face , a means of flaunting his computer savvy in the faces of NASA scientists

The investigation into Faur ‘s activities went on for an entire year in which it was discovered that the illegal hacking cost NASA and the Navy and Energy department around 1 .5 million . Both organizations lost more than just money they lost valuable data that could take years to replicate , if ever . Not only is replication an issue the information compiled by NASA is extremely sensitive and , as a result of Faur ‘s activities , is no longer private or secure . Faur was already under investigation in Romania for similar activities and faces up to 54 years in prison in the United States

While the article described Faur ‘s hand in hacking NASA ‘s system the article failed to mention what happened to the rest of the group Faur merely opened the floodgates for his friends the rest of the group illegally entered the NASA computers . This article might have been more compelling if it had included a backdrop of other illegal hacking incidents as well as the resulting prison sentences

The benefit of having computers in everyday life is that it is much easier to communicate with other people and to send large amounts of data . The downside , of course , is that the information isn ‘t always private . Hackers such as Faur can invade almost any system and compromise the data . The solution to this problem is threefold : new safeguards must be created in to protect sensitive information countries need to have agreements with each other in regard to punishment for hackers , and stronger sentences must be enforced

Hackers who are convicted of crimes against the government should as part of their punishment , be required to work with the government on creating stronger firewalls and other protections against hackers . The government needs to have an extensive and separate budget dedicated to securing their systems and keeping criminals like Faur from gaining access

Faur is from Romania , and while the article did not describe where his crimes took place , every country should have an agreement that citizens who hack into government entities can be extradited without issue . Hackers who commit their crimes from non-extradition countries should not have the protection… [banner_entry_footer]


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