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Comparison of Western Civilization and Classic Text

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Western Civilization And Classic Text

Each work of Art not only gives the cosmic vision of contemporary Society but bestows in hereditary the new way to live . The whole Western Civilization has been cultivated from the pearls of wisdom enshrined in the words of our Great Epics that includes our great Epics of Ancient Rome , Greek and Italian Civilizations

A western civilization is a continuous process of transformation from the so called primitive to the civilized boasting of new discoveries and luxurious life . Scientists are trying to discover the truth of ageing [banner_entry_middle]

br and life and birth cycle , and how can human attain immortality , yet discovery of the truth of death and to attain immortality has always been a futile exercise for him . In this short span , man is destined by that eternal being to fulfill the duties and play the role in a life drama for what we are destined

The Epic of Gilgamesh is a true portrait of this concept of human beings . Gilgamesh celebrates what makes us human beings . Gilgamesh took upon the journey to attain immortality at the eve of Enkidu ‘s death , but this journey proved fruitless . For whom have I labored ? For whom have I journeyed ? For whom have I suffered ? I have gained absolutely nothing for myself , I have only profited the snake , the ground lion (The epic of Gilgamesh , Tablet 11 . Then he realized the real essence of the immortality of name rather then the immortality of physical aspects

Even Beside the sea , when Gilgamesh met Siduri “the woman of the vine the maker of wine ” reminds him of the true meaning of being human “Gilgamesh , where are you hurrying to ” she asks

You will never find that life for which you are looking . When the gods created man they allotted to him death , but life they retained in their own keeping . As for you , Gilgamesh , fill your belly with good things day and night , night and day , dance and be merry , feast and rejoice . Let your clothes be fresh , bathe yourself in water , cherish the little child that holds your hand , and make your wife happy in your embrace for this too is the lot of man (The Epic of Gilgamesh , Tablet X , 102

Man is remembered by the acts and by the acts that his name will live forever even after he is dead , and he told Urshanabi , Climb up on to the wall of Uruk , inspect its foundation terrace , and examine well the brickwork see if it is not of burnt bricks and did not the seven wise men lay these foundations (The Epic of Gilgamesh , Tablet X I , 134

Even the Homer said , In the night-bound world of insensate circumstance , as being each man to his fellow the only light there is and all men to one another – as the source of the only principle of . This is the human condition . Out of it in The Iliad he constructed a dramatic architecture of a cogency never to be… [banner_entry_footer]


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