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Comparison of American Government Over Time

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The Government ‘s Transition

The government we have today has come a long way since it ‘s creation by the Founding Fathers . With the new disappointments arising towards the current administration , many have begun to question and asses the purpose of the constitution structured by the Founding Fathers and how it still applies to us today . Some go so far as to suggest that the federalists who framed the constitution insisted on limited federal involvement , but the history of America shows this is not the case . The Federalists protested limited government , while [banner_entry_middle]

secretly creating a constitution that might one day form into an all powerful force . In fact , history shows that every official in any given office usually tends to take actions to increase the power of the government , whether state or federal , regardless of party classification . This is a formula specifically structured to maintain a minority class of wealthy elite to rule over the majority . The only difference between then and now is technological advancement and experience in the elitist control of the masses . If it were not for the presence of these traits in American society , there would be no real physical change to analyze . In a sense nothing has really changed money is still as much the emperor of our nation now , as it was then Until the twentieth century both scholars and the public revered the Framers as demigods and canonized the Constitution as the crowning symbol of a democratic revolution against tyranny . However , the many publicized political and corporate scandals of the Progressive Era in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries influenced historians to begin viewing the Constitutional Convention with a more jaundiced eye (Krawczynksi , 2003

In his essay , The U .S . Constitution and the Declaration of Independence Keith Krawczynksi , convinced that men were motivated primarily by economic self-interest and that class conflict pervaded human events argues that the Founding Fathers carried out a counterrevolution by creating a reactionary document to protect their interests against popularly controlled state governments that passed cheap money legislation , debtor laws , and other measures that favored small farmers and artisans at the expense of wealthy creditors (2003 . To prove their case they pointed to the many provisions in the Constitution that checked popular sovereignty : the difficult procedure for adopting amendments , the judicial veto , the election of senators by state legislators , the election of the president by an electoral college , the appointment of Supreme Court justices by the president , and the awesome power conferred to the central government to suppress popular dissent Thus , the Constitution was equipped with a system of minority checks and vetoes designed to prevent majority rule (Krawczynksi , 2003

There are many myths applied to American history . One of these myths in particular is that the founding fathers were all selfless and priceless politicians who were able to rise above the tyranny of their day to advance the workings of Democratic government . American reverence for the framers and the undisputed worship of the constitution are virtues… [banner_entry_footer]


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