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Comparing Narrative in Fiction and Nonfiction

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Comparing Fiction and Non-fiction Stories

Literature as an expression of written art takes many forms and takes on several structures depending on the writer ‘s creative perspective The essay is the comparison between fictional and non-fictional stories This evaluation on how their structure differs and their similarities with regards to different factors considered in evaluating them will help us in developing greater importance and value for the stories . I will base my hypothesis in the different reading materials characterized as fictional and non-fictional stories . The conceptual framework for the essay will [banner_entry_middle]

be based on how in the literature perspective defines the two variables , fictional and non-fictional stories

Fictional stories involve the creative imagination of the writer . The story ‘s structure is familiar to us in the form of short stories Fiction , as created in our imagination , is a free expression of our thoughts and ideas conveyed in a literary from of structure . The challenge in this type of narrative form of writing is the ability of the writer to generate ideas completely from scratch . He will rely on his imagination to create an organized , understandable and good story for that matter . In fictional narration , the creation of characters building of plot , conflict and resolution will involve the writer ‘s capabilities to persuade his readers with his writing abilities Fictional stories have a purpose , either to tell a story , to entertain or to teach a lesson . Literary of fictional stories have several commonalities between them . This is evident even from Shakespeare ‘s fictional narrations . The character has a problem or a goal , the characters is at odds with nature , the character is at odds with another character , a love angle , something lost is found , and a mystery is solved . The elements mentioned are said to be general characteristics of the plot in most fictional stories . Some people assumed that in fictional stories , the whole content of the story is driven by the plot This assumption is wrong because as literary explain it , the plot is driven by the characters created . The characters are who we follow in the story , their conflicts , drama and other events that happen to him in the story matters to us . ADDIN EN .CITE RogRog , L . J . and Kropp ,

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Non-fiction stories are written as an account of the subject treated as a fact by the writer . The story may be presented accurately by the rather or he can give either a true or false account of the subject he is writing about . This idea depends on the writer . Non-fictional narrative writing discards the creative and literary elements fictional narrative writing includes in the story . The importance in non-fictional writing is the presentation of facts and information within the writer ‘s perspective . The objective in… [banner_entry_footer]


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