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Comparing Global Climate Change and Ecosystem Restoration

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Saving the Planet

In a report posted at the official website of CNN – posted last February , 02 , 2007 – the world ‘s leading climate scientists have expressed in the gravest of terms the problem with global climate change . Their report can be summarized in the following phrase : global warming is very likely man-made

The more technical wording could not hide the immediate action as seen below

The observed widespread warming of the atmosphere and ocean , together with ice-mass loss , support the conclusion that it is extremely unlikely that global climate change of [banner_entry_middle]

the past 50 years can be explained without external forcing [ .] warming and rise in sea-level would continue for centuries because the process has already started (see CNN .com

If global climate change is not enough of a problem there is also another environmental problem that is more immediate and can be felt locally and is much closer to home . This is the degradation and destruction of ecosystems brought about by excessive exploitation of natural resources . This is mostly brought about by businesses that do not consider sustainable practices that would ensure a long-lasting relationship between commerce and the environment

This is also brought about by man ‘s obsession with progress and having things that are novel , never been tried before . There are other causes for this but in general the reason is the same with that of global warming – the sheer impact of human activity on the earth

This study aims to present a basic understanding of two major environmental issues faced by humans living in the 21st century . The first one is global climate change and the second deals with the destruction of the earth ‘s ecosystem and the necessary step that must be done which is aptly called : ecosystem restoration

After presenting the basic premise for both issues . What follows would be a simplified presentation of common problem solving approaches to said environmental problems . At the end a decision will be made as to what environmental problem can be best solved by either regulatory economic incentives , or human rights approaches

Global Climate Change

The problem associated with global climate change is linked to aberrations in the earth ‘s temperature . And because of this James Griffin remarked that global climate change is the mother of all problems . Griffin (2003 ) expounds this by saying that there are two reasons for this

An apocalyptic rhetoric is common when discussing this issue . For instance there is a common notion that when these harmful practices continues unabated it will trigger end of the world scenarios

Climate change is the mother of all problems ‘ due to its complexity

To those who are well-informed regarding the and those whose mindset forces them to imagine the worst case scenario there is nothing more as threatening as the issue of global climate change . Everybody is interconnected and one dramatic change on one side of the ocean can cause catastrophic after effects on the other side

The scope is also staggering imagine changes occurring… [banner_entry_footer]


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