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Comparing First and Second Language Learning

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br America . The English language originated in England and later spread to the entire British Isles . Following the colonisation period , English spread to the colonies and territories of the English (such as Canada India , Pakistan , Singapore , New Zealand , Southern Africa , Caribbean etc , and the United States . The American Revolution was able to effective produce a new type of language from English . The Americans began to adopt a different type of English . They began to pronounce and spell English words differently . The even developed new words or produced new meaning of English words [banner_entry_middle]

. On the whole , the Americans were more tolerant to mistakes made during the usage of the English language and also accepted commonly utilised variations . The number of natives speaking Mandarin , Spanish and Hindi is much greater than English However , both Hindi and Mandarin is not as widely dispersed as first and second languages compared to English . Also , unlike English and Spanish Mandarin and Hindi do not seem to be dispread in other continents of the world , compared to English and Spanish . In several countries , in which English is spoken as a second language , India tops the list , followed by China , Philippines , Germany and the United States (Britannica , 2006 The United States has more first-language speaking population compared to England . The US , England , Canada and Australia , make up 95 of the Worlds ‘ population where English is spoken as a first or native language (Kachru ,2006

In Asia , the users of English are of the largest numbers in the entire world . Many nations are adopting an education system conducive to the development of English (Kachru , 2006

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL ) is a unified term referring to ESL (English as a second language ) and EFL (English as a foreign language ) which is created to help teaching and learning… [banner_entry_footer]


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