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comparing and contrasting the artist Sandro Botticelli and Alexandre Cabanel and 2 works of each.

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Cabanel ‘s portraits have not been included in studies of American portraiture and their neglect has prevented a full understanding of the development of this genre during the early Gilded Age and its locations as of today are unknown . The ones at museums can be claimed to be worthless compared to those that are in parts unknown and in the possession of who knows

The paintings Birth of Venus by Botticelli , and Spring , which is its direct continuation , was launched as an idea by Lorenzo the Magnificent himself , set to verse by [banner_entry_middle]

his favorite humanist , Ange Poliziano interpreted by the tiny genius , Pico della Mirandola , approved by the patriarch , Marsilio Ficino , and the notebook was wrapped up for delivery to Botticelli . It went from Lorenzo the Magnificent to all of Florence ‘s humanism of this second half of the 15th century to finally be given to Botticelli , who thus scrupulously followed a text : the profane Birth of Venus and the coronation of the sacred Venus . ADDIN EN .CITE DykeJohn Charles Van DykeThe Project Gutenburg2006 (Dyke

It was written by Ange Poliziano , based on an ode by Hesiod , and the work was , in fact , paid for by Lorenzo di Pierfrancesco . We shall now see the two paintings , but one can only hope that , one day , they will be arranged side by side so that they can be shown on a single slide

We see the story ‘s birth with the winds , Zephyr and Aura , who , on the first day of Creation , elevated this shell bearing Venus ‘ triumphant nudity from the unknown depths of the sea . And , approaching the earth on which she will assume her true role , her true power , she is suddenly modest , and we should note the stance , which Botticelli borrowed directly from the beautiful examples of the antique Venus Pudicae that were being discovered at that time . He really painted her like a Venus Pudica . For this modesty to take on its sacred nature , one of the Graces , in the name of all three , is there to cover her with her cape ADDIN EN .CITE DykeJohn Charles Van DykeThe Project Gutenburg2006 (Dyke

The Graces have the privilege of covering Venus ‘ nudity and transforming her into the mother and patron saint of all the forces of creation Venus is in the process of landing . It should be pointed out that the shore she is landing on is very rugged and already has tall trees , both laurel and myrtle , and that the trees are crowded together , their foliage obscuring one another . ADDIN EN .CITE BarolskyPaul BarolskyThe Faun in the Garden1994Penn State Press (Barolsky

Here are several details to make us aware of Venus ‘ triumphant splendor We know that until recently , this Birth of Venus had been lavishly covered with varnish , which means that the successive coats of varnish had finally completely opacified . The two paintings were superbly cleaned , and we have now discovered a new Botticelli : pearly flesh nearly translucent , skin so fine that we have the impression that we… [banner_entry_footer]


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