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Compare/Contrast The Cree and The Iroquois

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Contrarily , the Cree Indians were characterized by the Jesuit priests as being of kind , docile disposition , but much more nomadic than the other tribes . They have no fixed abode , no fields , no villages , living upon hunting and a little wild rice which they gather in swampy places (Mandelbaum

. 2 . This account by the Jesuits contrasts with other accounts of the Crees being very aggressive and prone to unprovoked attacks and wars . The Jesuit priests noted that the Cree Indians were notoriously difficult to convert to Christianity as they were very nomadic [banner_entry_middle]

. Today , the Cree Indians are mostly settled on twenty-four small reserves in Saskatchewan and Alberta , and one reserve in Montana , and number some 200 ,000 (Mandelbaum

. 4 . Each band of the Cree was headed by a leading chief , who determined how cohesive the group was by his strength as a leader . An influential leader attracted more families and held their allegiance better than a weaker man (Mandelbaum

. 7

The Cree Indians , contrary to the farming Iroquois , depended largely on trapping and hunting buffalo . The Cree carried out their commerce with the Hudson Bay Company , exchanging buffalo hides , furs and pemmican for the items they needed in return (Mandelbaum

. 9 . The buffalo hunting is likely what brought the Cree Indians into the plains , and set their migratory path as it coincided with the migration of the buffalo Unfortunately , in the 1960 ‘s the Canadian government re-engineered over three million acres of Cree Indian land for the construction of a hydroelectric dam . This has literally destroyed much of the Manitoba Cree rivers , leading one of the elders to state that They poured filth over the clean dish I once had (Mandelbaum

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In conclusion , with all the many differences between the two tribes the Iroquois people… [banner_entry_footer]


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