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Compare /Contrast

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In this essay I will compare /contrast the writing assignments

I have written for this course . All writing assignments are not the

same . Some require sources , footnotes , and bibliographies while others

require much less . Other essays require you to have a , a thesis

an introduction , good organization , unified and clear paragraphs about

your . I find writing a Research is much more involved to

write because it depends so much on the use and citation of several

sources of information , which you have to search for in reference [banner_entry_middle]

p books , magazines , articles and speeches . The gathering of the

information is interesting in a sense that I learn something new with

each Research I write

Writing assignments where you must argue against or for a

position lets me express myself personally by writing my opinion on a

subject that is important to me . I am able to look up terms I may not

understand as well as make points that seemed unclear and may require

research . I like determining the strongest and weakest arguments in my

after studying carefully as well as determining whether I agree

or not with the author ‘s view . The argumentative essay is a much more

personal essay where I am to write a brief summary of my argument

whether I agree with it or not and have to support this opinion

Lastly , the narrative , descriptive and autobiographical essays

I ‘ve written for this course has no reference to text . I gather

research information to develop my main ideas while taking notes

before writing my . I think writing the narrative , descriptive and

autobiographical essays like the argumentative essays , let ‘s me express

my feelings on a subject that is important to me . The writing

assignments I have written for this course I think have allowed me to

acquire new knowledge with every and speak my opinions openly . -Works Cited- Writing assignments and Student Essays- Hacker Handbook resources-

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