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Compare the characters in the book Sula

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Sula is a novel written by Toni Morrison about uncertainty . The novel embarks into the ideas of good and evil and how these two can sometimes become similar . The novel looks into the unsolved mysteries of human emotions and relationships . In the end , the author ultimately concludes that social conventions are insufficient as a basis in living one ‘s life and that there are far more significant matters to life than these . The novel (Sula , 2002 ) looks at the many different ways in which people employ to make their [banner_entry_middle]

lives more meaningful by defying easy answers signifying the ambiguity , beauty and terror of life , in its triumphs and horrors

The novel has been written by Morrison (2002 ) from the philosophical nature while having her personal insights or experiences fill some of the novel ‘s pages . She managed to show both good and evil and that two women can actually become one by presenting the lives of two friends who are the main protagonists

The novel revolves around Bottom which is a mostly black community in Ohio , located in the hills above the community of Medallion . The novel tells about the special friendship of HYPERLINK “javascript :ScrollingPopup ‘http /www .sparknotes .com /lit /sula /terms /cha r_8 .html 20 ‘2aec717ac1 20 ‘500 20 ‘500 ” Nel and HYPERLINK “javascript :ScrollingPopup ‘http /www .sparknotes .com /lit /sula /terms /cha r_14 .html 20 ‘0c04f8bb48 20 ‘500 20 ‘500 ” Sula who come from varying levels . Nel is a product of a family that believes profoundly in social conventions . She comes from a stable home . Nel is unsure of the conservative life her mother , Helene , wants for her . Nel ‘s doubts become more pronounced when she meets her grandmother Rochelle , a former prostitute and the only unconventional woman in her family line

Meanwhile , Sula ‘s family is different from that of Nel . Sula lives with her grandmother , Eva and her mother , Hannah , who are being viewed by the people as eccentric and loose . Their house serves as a home for three informally adopted boys all named Dewey and a perpetual number of bs

Sula and Nel may be different but they become with each other during their adolescent years until a traumatic accident changed all that . Sula accidentally dropped a boy named Chicken Little in a river and drowned when she losses her grip to the boy as he swung him around her hands . The two never told anyone about the accident having no intention of harming the boy . Soon , they simply grew apart

Eventually , Nel married and settled into the conventional role of wife and mother . Sula , on the other hand , took a different path and lived a life of independence and left her community , Sula had many affairs with men , some of whom were white . When she found others doing the same routine , she easily got bored and went back to the Bottom and to her friend Nel after 10 years

Because of her past , the town regarded Sula as an… [banner_entry_footer]


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