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Compare and /or Contrast of Two Female Professions Compare and /or Contrast of Two Female Professions

I have selected one traditional career i .e . legal profession or lawyer and one nontraditional career According to U .S Department of Labor , A nontraditional occupation for women is one in which women comprise 25 percent or less of i .e . detective to make a comparison and juxtapose them with each other There is plenty of evidence is available that manifest that women are becoming of legal professionals community at a greater pace [banner_entry_middle]

Conventionally this profession is regarded as reserved for male but a surge in the late-nineteenth to mid-twentieth centuries to join the legal profession not only enabled women to join a new career path but also to protect their own rights . Detective is regarded as a non-traditional career as it is mainly dominated by men . Both private and official detective help the law-enforcements agencies to locate the causes of certain criminal mysteries By comparison both these career are challenging and requires certain unusual abilities to achieve the excellence . Both these career do not physical activity that puts a profession in the masculine domain but these require an inquisitive nature to look into the matter . Both lawyer and detective should of skeptic mind to investigate the true cause of the cases . Detective and lawyer must be innovative and possess the ability to work out of the way to find solutions for their clientage Both work in the legal and constitutional framework that is provided by the state . Both requires analytical thinking that means bringing disciplined analysis to data and situations , to see cause and effect and to use this to make effective decisions . Both provides independence of thought and actions as it solely depends on the detective and the lawyer to take a specific and go ahead with a particular strategy By compensation although both careers are promising and provide huge benefits but legal profession is considered more rewarding Although U .S Department of Labor is of the view that Nontraditional jobs are attractive to women because they generally offer higher entry-level wages and a career ladder with pay between 20 and 30 per hour ‘ but it is fact that salaries and compensation packages of lawyers are higher than the detectives (Detective is included in the category of non-traditional profession by U .S . Department of Labor . Professionally one can develop to prominence and can acclaim a national or international status . She can elevate to the state or federal attorney She can further venture into other professions and fields as most of the women senators are lawyers . Both require professional confidence , a justified belief in one ‘s ability to do the job , providing an opinion or advice when necessary and being prepared to take a decisive course of action but lawyers needs this more than detectives . They must an aura of personality that can influence other . There is another relative disadvantage in the detective field for women they are paid less than their… [banner_entry_footer]


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