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Compare and contrast US comestic and foreign policy in 1945 versus 2006

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US Domestic and Foreign Policy

1945 Versus 2006


US domestic and foreign policies have changed with the changing role of the country in international politics and the global community . Both changes in domestic and foreign policy have the potential of changing global scenarios because of the stake of American interest in politics military and economics

The current challenges in the international community by globalization and terrorism have affected the motivations of US policies and thus of all other nations . The US has been a target of criticisms as well [banner_entry_middle]

as praise for its involvement in extraterritorial conflicts and concerns It has also received criticism from its home front regarding for the current slowdown of markets

1945 Policies

Before 1945 , the United State was reluctant in involving itself in international concerns . Its focus was the development of its industries and commerce . The reluctance came from the losses it suffered in First World War as well as its efforts in recovering from the depression (Latourre 489-491 . Its central concern was in protecting its own territories and cultivating their commerce

When the World War was raging in Europe , it was still reluctant to be involved even though it has a lot on commercial interest across the Atlantic . America ‘s involvement in the war after the bombing of Pearl Harbor can be considered as the first step in the US ‘s bid for its place in the international arena (494-496

Roles . The US took on the role of peacekeeper in the international arena , it figured prominently in the post-war restoration and developments such as the Nuremberg Trials , division of territories and the institution of the United Nations (452

The US also symbol of the struggle against the spread of communism . Its policies of containment and promotion of democracy was a statement in its desire to be seen as a defender of freedom and liberty (Leffler 87-89 . This was the same identity that it espoused during its own struggle for independence (Ash 286 . Another role that it was beginning to cultivate was its substitution of Britain and the rest of Europe as an economic force in the world

Domestic Policies . Reflective of the Cold War , domestic policies of the US in 1945 were greatly motivated to protect national security while at the same time encouraging the expansion the economy . The death of President Franklin Roosevelt in April of the year marked a transition to the Presidency of Harry S Truman

The presidency of Roosevelt was one that focused on the social security and recovery form the 1930 ‘s depression . In 1945 , the focus of recovery was that of post-war . It continued the relief measures in form of social projects and booting the economy through federal intervention . Upon the succession of Truman to the presidency , there was little change in the domestic polices already put in place by Roosevelt . Changes in US domestic policies were initiated late in 1945 but only were finalized beginning 1946 onwards

By October 1945 , the Gaston Committee transferred the functions… [banner_entry_footer]


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