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Compare and contrast the Bush and Clinton Administrations and the South Korean policy approaches toward North Korea. Your analysis should also include a review of the North Korean current military capabilities and its impact on policy alternatives.

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The North Korean Problem

Foreign policies in contrast

The North Korean Problem

Foreign policies in contrast

American leaders have struggled to deal with communist North Korea for decades . It is a unique diplomatic problem . As China gradually opens up to democratic influence , North Korea remains as one of the few remaining communist stalwarts in Asia . American Presidents have been reluctant to deal with the issue . The militaristic stance of North Korea has forced recent Presidents to develop a diplomatic strategy , however

In general terms , the Clinton approach might be described [banner_entry_middle]

as a reward ‘ strategy . The G .W . Bush strategy , in contrast , is generally seen as a punishment ‘ approach . The strategy of both Presidents has been affected by events on the ground and the stance of South Korea . For both Presidents , the issues have proven to be difficult and lacking in clear-cut solutions . Both Presidents have learned , though , that the North Korean issue cannot be ignored

The North Korean Threat

There are few places in the world where the contrast between a successful democratic state and a poverty-stricken communist state is so stark . Recently , many news organizations aired a nighttime satellite photo of the Korean peninsula . The southern end was lit up , indicative of a thriving economy and culture . In contrast , the northern end of the peninsula was almost entirely dark

After decades of mismanagement , the North relies heavily on

international food to feed the population , while continuing to

expend resources to maintain an army of over 1 million , the

fifth largest army in the world . 1

1 . The Central Intelligence Agency . The World Factbook 2001 . Wash D .C : Brassey ‘s

2001 ,


North Korea has , in many ways , isolated itself . Its economy is not self-sustaining , even though the country possesses a great deal of natural resources . Government policies have failed to stimulate business and international trade . Modern North Korea has been a dictatorship since its founding . When Kim Il Sung died , he was succeeded by his son Kim Jong Il

Last October , the North Koreans announced they had reprocessed

all 8 ,000 of their fuel rods and solved the technical problems of

converting the plutonium into nuclear bombs . 2

Kim Jong Il maintains his position with an iron grip . He resists overtures from Western countries , fearing that their influence will ultimately weaken his grip on power

In 2006 , North Korea exploded what was suspected to be a small nuclear weapon underground . The threat of a poor , desperate , dictatorial nation with nuclear weapons is rapidly becoming a reality . This action has moved the conflict to a new stage

The unpredictability of the North Korean regime is what makes it dangerous . Ultimately , the regime will do whatever it has to in to survive . This may include selling nuclear technology or materials to terrorists or rogue nations

For its own reasons , the North Korean regime has insisted on staying in the headlines . Feeling ignored while the West fights the war on terror the North Koreans have accelerated their nuclear program . Very… [banner_entry_footer]


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