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Compare and contrast North Korean and US and South Korean military preparedness and capabilities prior to the Korean War. Identify strengths and weaknesses in personnel and weapons systems. Include comparisons between US Army and US Marines. How did US r

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The Korean War : Tactics and Logistics

The Second World War officially ended in the year 1945 . It was a devastating war that many hoped that it should be fitting to end all wars and for a change give the world a breathing space , to be granted that very elusive peace . Yet , perhaps those who wished for a world in harmony after World War II may have underestimated mankind ‘s appetite of some leaders who wanted to be supreme rulers of the globe

So , five years after the guns were silenced in the Great [banner_entry_middle]

Theater of war in Europe , another dangerous conflict is brewing in Korea . Here , one can see a display of things to come because Vietnam and Afghanistan are still future events

In the Korean War the world became witness to what happens when superpowers decide to play chess . Unfortunately , this game is not played the traditional way with wooden pieces and all . This time the chessboard is the Korean Peninsula and the pieces are either the native Koreans or imported as in soldiers coming in from all over the world . It is interesting to note that this is not a World War in the truest sense of the term , but the true players are global leaders who happened to confine their violent resolution in a specific location , Korea . The United States , Russia , North and South Korea , United Kingdom , Canada Australia and other Asian nations were participants in this war of attrition . The battle lines were drawn and it was named the 38th parallel . This allowed for a little bearing in a very confusing time hoping to give a little bit of clarity in a very agitating situation

According to Carter Malkasian , It was the only occasion in the Cold War when the military forces of the People ‘s Republic of China (PRC the Soviet Union , and the USA (plus its Western allies ) met in combat [ .] Thus , the Korean War was not merely a war fought between proxies of the major powers , like the latter conflicts in Vietnam or Afghanistan , but a much more significant conflagration (p . 7

This seeks to understand the Korean War . This can be done by looking at a brief historical background before the war and the events that added fuel to the tension between two Korean governments . Since the Korean War like many conflicts is so complicated this study focuses on tactics and logistics , and less on the historical figures that played a major role in this important period not only for Koreans but for Asians in particular and the world in general

Historical Background

The Korean War was sometimes called the Forgotten War ‘ and this may be so because like Vietnam there are only a few people who understand its significance . Yet an .outpouring of books , articles and film in the last decade as well as an impressive memorial on Washington , DC ‘s Mal (and the realization that .it would be practically impossible to understand the Cold War ‘ have… [banner_entry_footer]


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