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Compare and Contrast MO. Constitution and US. Constitution

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Comparison of the Missouri and United States Constitution The Missouri Constitution has 33 sections . These sections give information to what legal rights every resident of the state has , in general . It describes what powers are deemed for the state ‘s government . It gives information on how laws are carried out . The Missouri Constitution only applies to the state of Missouri and its residents . The Missouri Constitution uses some parts of the United States Constitution as a guide for its sections . For example , the natural rights of life , liberty , the pursuit of happiness [banner_entry_middle]

, and the right to enjoy the gains of one ‘s own industry . Those words are based on the Preamble of the United States Constitution

Other similarities are religious freedom , freedom of speech , rights of peaceful assemble and petition , due process , habeas corpus , open courts right of trial by jury , right to bear arms , free and open elections , and treason , to name a few

The United States Preamble is as follows : We the people of the United States , in to form a more perfect union , establish justice , insure domestic tranquility , provide for the common defense , promote the general welfare , and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity , do ordain and establish the Constitution for the United States of America

The United States Constitution is more detailed than the Missouri Constitution , and rightfully so . The United States Constitution was written for the same reason as the Missouri Constitution , except that the Unites States Constitution applies to the whole country . It overrides The Missouri Constitution in every way . With its 7 main articles and 29 sub-sections , it is more focused on the working and rights under the United States government , instead of a state ‘s government

Article 1 of the Constitution describes the Legislative Branch of the United States government . It details how the legislative power is gained , elections of senators and representatives , rules of the House and Senate , compensation and privileges of members , how bills are passed , and what the limits are to legislative power

Article 2 of the Constitution describes the Presidency . It details the election of the President , his powers , laws executed , and impeachment

Article 3 of the Constitution describes the Judiciary . It details the how judiciary power is gained , the scope of that power , and treason

Article 4 of the Constitution describes the states . It describes admissions of states , and guarantees made to the states

Article 5 of the Constitution describes the Amendment process

Article 6 of the Constitution describes the legal status of the Constitution

Article 7 of the Constitution describes the ratification process

Generally speaking , the Missouri Constitution is very much similar to the United States Constitution . Both explain about the people ‘s rights under the current laws . Both constitutions explain the roles of the government and how their governmental powers are obtained and used

The difference between the two constitutions is simple . The United States Constitution describes the forms of national government and the rights that the people have under… [banner_entry_footer]


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