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Compare and Contrast Familes

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7 COMPARE AND CONTRAST FAMILIES 1 . What issues confront families in both countries A family is a group of loved ones , bound by time and common experience and sometimes , it is a legal and biological construct , meant to draw the line between our “official ” and “unofficial ” relationships . Most of have our own definition of what a family is , even though it is usually based on the same principles . In some ways , however , these definitions are changing . Still , it is the most important social group a person belongs to from very early [banner_entry_middle]

stage in life . It is a group that is formed as a result of several social economic factors surrounding it for instance living , culture , societal values , standard of living , and mobility from one social class to another and so on . Elaborating on this a discussion on issues faced by British and Indian families is preceded Issues Faced By British Families : First and foremost , the concept of a family unit has evolved much over a period of time . Now “single-parent family “recomposed family “de facto unions ” or even “homosexual family ” can be seen very frequently . Couples prefer to cohabit for year before actually marrying . This has been result of deviation from original family-oriented European and Christian values . Opposition of modernism also claim main reason of this is promotion of secularism or anti-religious values As a result of cohabitation , the number of children born outside of marriage is rising constantly . Similarly , in de-facto and homosexual marriages , children are being born without any emotional bonding or unity of both parents , thus , violating the core of family , marriage . Children born and bought up in such circumstances are realize at one point or another that their family unit is not as strong and bonded as it should have been which negatively effects their innocent minds . Also , incase of broken home , a child is most vulnerable to any negativity occurring due to an unpleasant situation causing them to think they are `unwanted ‘ and /or resorting to rebellious behaviour (Trujillo , 2003

Another , issue commonly faced by British families is negligence of children of working parents . In most households in UK , at least one parent works 20 hours a week as per a conservative estimate . A survey done by HP Laboratories Bristol showed that most of these working parents realized that their children were being neglected and agreed that the burden of home and work becomes cumbersome at times (Sellen Hyams Eardley , 2004 . If these unpleasant feelings are piled up eventually they might lead to unfortunate circumstances like a nervous break down of an over worked person or heart or mental ailments Children of such homes might also turn to other sources of support rather then family and maybe misguiding and resort to alcohol or substance abuse at a young and impressionable age It is notable , however , that England has one third population of African American and South Asian immigrants . Most of these families stem from cultures that have strong family values . The family units have quite… [banner_entry_footer]


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