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Compare and contrast a pakistani wedding to an egyptian wedding

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Compare and contrast a Pakistani wedding to an Egyptian wedding

I . Introduction

Wedding is the most significant and exciting moment in every individual ‘s life . Every individual desires to be wed . This significant event is a transition from being single – a phase of life free from numerous responsibilities – to partnership which is accompany with a lot of responsibilities and accountabilities . In spite of these responsibilities , people still choose to get wed because it is one way of expressing how each individual loves his /her partner so much . Every part of the [banner_entry_middle]

world has its own way in celebrating the said event . Some countries are having traditional weddings and others are not . Two of these countries that have traditional weddings are the Pakistani and the Egyptians . Since these two countries are practicing the Muslim traditions , it is for sure that these two also have different practices in conducting wedding ceremonies compared to other nations that practice Christian weddings . But in spite of the fact that Pakistani and Egyptians are practicing Muslim weddings , there are still distinctions from each other . The Egyptians called their wedding as zaffa , or the wedding march , while for the Pakistani called the wedding ceremony as shadi

In Egypt , arranged marriage is practiced . Its wedding march , Zaffa is a musical procession of instruments such as bagpipes , horns and drums . One of their presentations during Zaffa ‘ is the belly dancing and the men carry the flaming swords thus , it is a jubilant occasion and making it musical is a way of saying that the wedding ceremony is about to start . On the other hand , wedding is one of the most prestige occasions in Pakistan . The wedding preparations in Pakistan start for several months before the wedding event , however , the actual ceremony normally last within three days . Shadi ‘ is said to be the significant event that opens a new phase in the life of two individuals . During this event , the parents of the bride arranged the reception and the official signing of work also takes place in the presence of their Islamic Priest called Imam . At this wedding event , Shadi , the bride wears an embroidered outfit with loads of jewelry as well as the guests particularly the women who wear bright colored outfits and jewelry Moreover , the bride will not appear until after the signing of work , Nikah (see Wedding Ceremonies in Pakistan

The intents of this are to (1 ) be aware the origins of the wedding (2 ) to find out how Pakistani and Egyptian weddings being practiced and (3 ) know the wedding similarities and differences between Pakistani wedding and Egyptian wedding

II . Background

A . Origins of Wedding Traditions

In to have a better understanding about the Pakistani and Egyptian weddings , we should know first the origins of the wedding traditions that are normally practiced world widely . Wedding may become complicated celebration because there are guest list , catering , and planning . Majority of the couple desire to have memorable wedding in other words , couple would like to have a… [banner_entry_footer]


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