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Compare Alfred Hitchcock’s two versions of The man who knew too much

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Much Ado about Knowing Too Much


The Man Who Knew Too Much , was the first of many Hitchcock pictures that would gain Hitchcock ‘s name notoriety . This original version , released in 1934 is considered one of his initial stepping stones towards Hollywood . It is said that the plot was inspired by the honeymoon which Hitchcock had with his wife Alma at St . Moritz resort . The theme is very common of most of Hitchcock ‘s works in that it centers around ordinary people caught up in grand conspiracy . Hitchcock loved this [banner_entry_middle]

film so much so , he remade a 1955 Hollywood version of it with actors James Stewart and Doris Day , who took the places of Leslie Banks and Edna Best . Missing from the Hollywood version was the focus on the self-reliant heroine who has a keen shot and is even responsible for saving the day in the end . This film marks the moment when Hitchcock found his niche in the industry of his craft . From this point on , the majority of his film centered on crime and espionage

Film Synopsis

The storyline , which is common of both films is basically follows a wealthy couple and the story of their kidnapped child . Jill and Bob Lawrence are on a vacation in Switzerland , along with their daughter Betty . Jill enters a pigeon shooting competition , and we learn she is well equipped to handle . She loses to a German by the name of Ramon when she is distracted by Betty . Later that evening , Jill flirtingly dances with an acquaintance she has met at the ski lodge right before a shot is fired through a window and the man is assassinated . But , before he dies he gives her the key to his room , tells her to get something out of it and take it to the British Consul . Jill informs Bob of what happened , and he searches through the room and finds a message which reads , Wapping , G Barbor make contact A . Hall , March 21st . Bob leaves the room , and is confronted by a threatening Ramon . The concierge interrupts their encounter and takes Bob to office of the manager whom runs the resort . There , both Bob and Jill are informed that Betty has been kidnapped , and they are advised to keep silent

They leave the Lodge and return home to London , where they are approached by officers , who are already under suspiciously keen to the kidnapping . A man named Gibson , a man who claims to be and officer from the foreign office , informs Bob and Jill of Louis Bernard ‘s identity He tells them that Bernard was an agent , who had uncovered and was sin the process of stopping a plot to assassinate a foreign diplomat in Britain . In the midst of this conversation , the Lawrences recieve a call from the kidnappers , who warn them Betty will be harmed if they inform anyone of their situation . They do not exchange information with this man for fear of what might happen to their child . Nevertheless… [banner_entry_footer]


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