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Child Sexual Abuse

Child sexual abuse is a serious problem of the 21st century involved not only the USA and England , but almost all European countries . The is of great importance nowadays , because it challenges modern environment to take preventive measure and to reduce the abuse rate . It is known that sexual abuse can lead to serious psychological diss in future . The child sexual abuse increased to 32 , 2 between 1980s-1990s and it is increasing nowadays , because children prefer not to reveal experienced sexual abuse thus conniving further abuses Therefore the [banner_entry_middle]

objectives of the are important information about child sexual abuses and their influence on future of the victims (Whealin 2006

Actually there is no exact definition of child sexual abuse , but it is usually defined as any abuse concerning dominant position of an adult that allows him or her to force or coerce a child into sexual activity . Child sexual abuse involves digital penetration , vaginal and anal intercourse , fondling a child ‘s genitals , oral-genital contacts though it is not only limited to physical contacts meaning that child pornography , exposure and voyeurism belong also to sexual abuses . It is difficult to collect accurate statistics of sexual abuses , because many abused children and adolescents prefer not to report about their problems . Nevertheless , general agreement exists among child protection and mental health stating that child sexual abuse is a serious problem and thus mustn ‘t be considered common (Whealin 2006

Many researches were conducted over the past years to make the sexual abuse as a problem of sizable proportions . Most of children ‘s sexual abuses remain underreported and undisclosed worsening in such a way the situation . Victims , especially children , of sexual abuses experience afterwards feelings of isolation , depression , shame , inadequacy and embarrassment . What is more awful is that they may blame themselves for abuse . Children are not willing to report about such abuses , because they fear that their confession ‘ may lead to worse consequences and they will be victimized once again (Soresen 1991

Prevention and education programs have failed to manage sexual abuse rates . The reasons are : limited ability of young children to understand complex ideas , elusive subject matter , etc . The rate of victimization between women was reported to be 27 and among men was 16 . The child sexual abuse increased to 32 , 2 between 1980s-1990s . Recent researches show that victims of abuse have been mostly involved in physically abusive relationships or they have been raped . The situation may be improved if victims disclose their negative experience to professionals and psychiatrists at least . It would stimulate new studies of victims in future . For example , children abused sexually by family members , who have used high degrees of physical force , will experience behavior problems involving posttraumatic stress dis and separation anxiety Actually , sexually abused children are exposed to a variety of serious stressors including parental substance abuse . Therefore , it is difficult to diagnose correctly whether the child is abused (Faulkner 1996

Psychologists say that children and adolescents abused sexually can undergo behavioral… [banner_entry_footer]


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