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Communication and Conflict

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Communication and Conflict

System theory and conflict management

The general system theory views world as an integrated and interconnected system that works in close cooperation and interdependence . It treats world as a very complex entity , closer to an organism than a man made machine . This integrative approach doesn ‘t recommend breaking up of things to understand them , rather understanding them as whole , autonomous and combined entities in their contextual settings

In the synthetic and integrated approach of system theory human behavioral traits are also viewed in [banner_entry_middle]

conjunction with the complete background and setting of human society and culture that are responsible for most of the attributes of human behavior we see around us (Hammond 2003 ,7 . Human behavior is studied and described from all possible angles of sociology , psychology , anthropology , political science economics , and biology . The principle is to view human behavior as highly complex and one that involves various components interacting simultaneously . Hammond cites Thompson and Houten to state that in the social implications of system approach conflict is seen as the first trait of human relationships where human beings themselves are treated as open-ended systems . The various system approaches suggested by general system theory , either supporting hierarchical and controlled social system , or a more participative and mutually co-dependent forms of social organizations , closely look on issues of conflict , power and communication in the social and group organizations (Hammond , 2003 , 22 .In this context , the issue of conflict management , for organizations and individual alike rely primarily on the understanding the conflict in context of the situation , disputants , and their backgrounds as an essential way to come up with all possible solutions to the issue . The responsibility of understanding conflict on the broadest scale is reflected when Rahim (2001 , 17 ) cites Pondy (1967 ) to say that conflict is a dynamic process underlying organizational behavior

Negotiation in Conflict

Negotiation has emerged as an important form of conflict management within organizational and social setups . As such research in communication theory in conflict management has started to pay close attention to communication behaviors , types and strategies towards successful negotiation . Negotiation , as a part of managing conflict requires interested parties to trade proposals for settlement that include , out of court settlements , business contracts , collective bargaining contract etc (Womack , 1990 , 32 . As Womack further elaborates , generally the process of negotiation proceeds through motives that are both competitive and cooperative . The approach of communication in the entire process of negotiation is concerned with the messages that are transferred among negotiators and the concerned parties

Communication intervenes in the process of negotiation through its both verbal and nonverbal forms and constitutes the entire base on which the goals and terms of the bargain are negotiated . Communication plays the central role in not only developing the relationship among the parties in conflict , but also in determining its direction . It is also central in every form of bargaining process , whether the bargaining is done for organizational form of conflict management , involves conflict resolution , negotiation on legal… [banner_entry_footer]


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