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Commentary on A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift

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In A Modest Proposal ‘ by Jonathon Swift , the author describes the dire and bleak circumstances surrounding 18th Century Ireland ‘s commoners , in particular the poor mother ‘s with countless mouths to feed . In ensues in his diatribe is what Swift sees as the only solution to an ever growing problem that no one in Ireland , from Politician to Priest , seems to care to remedy or curtail . In an effort to wake up the masses and the gentry , Swift proposes what any rational person would consider unable to provide for them should be sold [banner_entry_middle]

at auction as a new delicacy for the Irish Wealthy . Swift cites data and statistics in to make his proposal more palatable and acceptable

Once Swift lays his proposition for eliminating the burden of feeding the Irish poor , one begins to realize his proposal is certainly not modest . In fact , Swift wrote such an essay in to wake up the all too lazy Irish Politicians and the idle rich . His depictions of the poor Irish women begging in the streets with three or five kids in tow were designed to make the reader remember this all too visible sight in every town in the country . And by using statistics and data to somehow make the sale of babies as a delicacy makes the idea seem almost plausible considering the rampant famine , disease , abortions and infant deaths

Swift wanted to shockingly jar the Political powers in Ireland by giving then a proposal that was too outlandish to be real and yet juxtaposed against the harsh reality of the Irish poor , of which no one including the victims were willing to help , Swift ‘s ideas are meant to remind the politicians and the wealthy that ignorance is not a solution In other words , no Irishman can continue to ignore the plight of the poor and hope the situation will remedy itself . This is the purpose of A Modest Proposal , to open the eyes of the people who can and should change things for the Irish poor . Swift wanted to make certain that everyone understood the deplorable circumstances faced by a child born to a family with no hope of ever properly caring for it and a society not interested in helping

Commentary of A Modest Proposal ‘ by Jonathan Swift

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