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College Essay

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College Essay

I ‘m 18 years old and have come from Poland . Nowadays I have been living in Philadelphia for 8 years and study in the college as well as I go into sports , because it is the greatest joy of my life . Actually I can ‘t image my life without sports , because it gives me the opportunity to express myself through actions , without words . There is a proverb in a sound body there is a sound spirit . I completely agree with it thinking that sports not only shapes our body , but also [banner_entry_middle]

shapes our spirit making us stronger and more enduring

I am really fond of fencing and I have been training for several years I consider myself talented fencer , though I realize that have to develop my fencing skills further to master the art . Fencing seems to be the most interesting and simultaneously difficult sports art , because it requires not only perfect body shape , but also adroitness and keenness of wit . Therefore I decided to devote my sports life to fencing

It is a matter of fact that tournament is inevitable part of sports life . Once I was advised to take part in fencing competition . Though the rivals were more skillful as they had been training for more years , I decided to participate and to try my strength . I realized that I could fail as well as to get the victory . Nevertheless , I think that a real sportsman have to remain calm in stressful situations , because anxiety disturbs concentration and balance . Surprisingly , I won my first march my first tournament . I defeated the rival who had been fencing for 2 years longer than me . Though he had more experience , I managed to show more skillfulness . He was shocked to find out how long I had been fencing for and how good I had been for the first time

I am sure that this first victory is of great importance for me , because it provides me with further opportunities to succeed in sports and become a skillful sportsman . Furthermore the victory has made me stronger and more confidence . It means that I have realized my strengths and that I am able to compete and to won in future


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