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1 ) Why do you seek admission to this program

It has long been my dream to be in the medical profession . At an early age , my eyes had been opened to the world of discovery and learning . Now that I have matured , I am more adamant to pursue the practice of laboratory medicine as a clinical laboratory scientist . I wish to be part of the group of devoted men and women who dedicate their lives for the welfare of their fellow ‘s health . This is a vocation that best suits my interest and [banner_entry_middle]

personality . I decided to apply for admission so that I may gain expertise and further experience that will enable me to exercise my interest and knowledge in my chosen endeavor – the Health Care industry

2 ) If you are admitted to and successfully complete the program , how do you see yourself employed five years after graduation

Five years upon graduation , I can picture myself working proficiently in clinics , hospitals , rehabilitation facilities , or home health and hospice agencies . In these different areas , I can apply my clinical laboratory skills . I understand very well that my training and knowledge that I may acquire in this line of work is of great benefit to the community . That objective alone establishes a sufficient motivation for me to go through this challenge

3 ) What alternate plans have you made if you are not accepted into this program I am aware of the possibility that I may not get accepted into this program . If ever that would be the case , I see no harm in submitting again an application until the university realizes that I am person determined to pursue his goal who may even be an asset to the institution . I understand that as simple as it may seem , a career in clinical laboratory carries with it great responsibility and requires utmost devotion and determination . It is my aspiration to gain knowledge and expertise in this field to be of efficient service . I believe that every man has his own destiny . And in my heart , this is what I am committed to pursue . I do hope that this university will assist me in accomplishing my goals . I also expect that this college will prepare me and keep me abreast with the fast-paced technological trend

4 . Note any other personal qualification you think might assist the admissions committee in evaluating your candidacy for this program

Throughout my years in school , I maintained an above average status . I am responsible and highly committed . It is also my belief that one ‘s values and intentions are very important in a profession . I wish to fulfill this endeavor not just to achieve personal success and security for my family but to also have the opportunity to practice a profession that is valuable and significant to modern society… [banner_entry_footer]


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