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College of Charleston : A sturdy foundation for education

Education is more than learning . It is the steady rock on which individuals build the foundation of their dreams . The very core of their being is embodied in that rock , sturdy , firm and defies time . This is my view of education . Like a rock , it serves as the foundation of my dreams , the firm conviction that whatever I attain through the course of my study would defy time , in the sense that knowledge never falters instead it translates into more fruitful ideas which could later [banner_entry_middle]

be classified as wisdom . This belief that I have has prompted me to search for the breeding ground of my dreams , and I firmly believe that College of Charleston is the best place to nourish my spirit and embark on a journey that would lead me to the path of success

It is not surprising to hear that every other applicant espouse the idea that the school to which they are applying for is their ultimate dream for a university . Anybody would go through the same line hoping to make believe that the school will accept his made up passion to enter such an institution . For me , there is nothing wrong with that . One can never really identify an individual ‘s goals and aspirations . I myself cannot think of another reason why a student should be accepted apart from the school being the dream school ‘ for all

The true test of the hearts desire is to speak freely and clearly voice out concerns that are important to the student , after all , a student ‘s life practically revolves around the institution he or she has chosen to stay . For me , entering a reputable school and taking up my desired course would be the first step towards achieving success and fulfillment in life . It all begins in choosing the right school that would offer various opportunities , competitive edge in education and a guiding hand to help students actualize their dreams

College of Charleston is the school for me . There is no doubt in my mind that I would want to enter College of Charleston and be part of its student body this coming school year . If I alone hold the cards to guarantee my admission to this college , there is not a flicker of hesitation in my mind that College of Charleston is my ticket to success . Aside from the fact that it offers various degrees and courses it also offers a graduate law school course which I plan to take up the moment I graduate from college . I already have everything mapped out in my mind and the only thing that is missing is the approval of this good office to accept me as one of the students who successfully made it this school year . For me , this signals the fact the wheels of my path to success is slowly turning and moving forward

I am a firm believer that in life , everything works out according to what was originally planned by him who holds greater knowledge . However what sets into motion that plan ‘ is the willingness of the individual to exert effort and find ways and means to achieve that goal . In writing this essay , I am putting up all courage I have to somehow get the message across that College of Charleston is more that a school for me it is part of who i want to be . In to finally thread the path to success , a motivation is justifiably needed , and there is no more motivating than being able to achieve my life ‘s goals in a school I truly feel I belong to … [banner_entry_footer]


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