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college application essay about the subject: “tell us about a person who has influenced you in a significant way”.

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The Most Significant Person in My Life

Inspiration makes a person go forth in reaching the goals he has designated for himself . As for a fact , inspiration has been the very reason behind the success of many successful people in the human society . However , it should be remembered that inspiration comes from different basis . For some , it could be their experience , and for many it refers to a person that has directly affected their lives so much . As for me , the most significant person in my life that has continuously influenced me [banner_entry_middle]

in my whole life is my father

Just the fact that I have a father is already something to be very proud of . Not all of the young adults today have the chance of spending the best possible moments of their lives with their fathers behind them Having him as the mentor for a young and yet determinate person as I am have mainly helped me find the finest ways for me to reach my goals in life

My father is a dentist who took his family few years ago to start a new and promising life in America . Being able to do so proves his courage of taking a new challenge to give his family a better way of living . He is a self-tailored person and stands as an incarnation of personal and professional success to me . With all the challenges that he had to face in his job as well as with his family have made him an epitome of patience and determination to get what is best for those whom he loves

As a father , he is compassionate . He is someone who makes it sure that beyond the busy life that he lives everyday , he has an ample time to attend to the needs of his family especially when a certain need arises He makes it sure that there is always a time for everything , that when an advise from him is needed , he easily provides it especially for those whom he loves , his family

He is discernment and good judgment have mainly identified him as a man of high regard . With this , he has set for me the standards in life for success , pride , self-confidence , and accomplishment . One of the most important legacy in life that he has provided me with was when he taught me that in to achieve my goals in life I have to focus on some certain guidelines which includes thinking positively – visualizing success and not failure , taking actions to make the goals real , never stop the yearning for learning whereas if there is an interest that a person has on a certain aspect of learning that person must a lot ample time for him to learn the necessary lessons that comes along with it Persistence and hard work usually results to further development of ones characteristics that are designated to reach successful results in the end

Indeed , success is a marathon , not a sprint , keeping one ‘s eyes… [banner_entry_footer]


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