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College Admission Essay

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Admission Essay

Cultural knowledge is of great importance for contemporary society because in the global world it is necessary to set friendly relations and working contacts with all the cultures and countries . A potential classmate for me is Chinese student , because Chinese culture is significantly different from others and I would be able to learn new things , ideas , core beliefs from Chinese student . I know that Chinese culture is one of the oldest in the world and , therefore , it is really worth examining and studying . It would be interesting to know more [banner_entry_middle]

about Chinese family values and belief , communication peculiarities , about economic and political objectives of the country as well as about their leisure time . Thus , Chinese student would certainly help me in expanding my cultural knowledge . Chinese people are outwardly restrained , because they are influenced by Confucius ‘ philosophical thinking and thus they are more reserved in verbal and nonverbal communication

Emotional gestures and body language is less expressive as compared with Cuba or Brasilia , for example . As for me , I am very communicative person and it is interesting for me get acquainted with completely different behavior . I know that there are peculiar values in Chinese culture and I think we should pay special attention and , maybe , even to adopt them For example , family is considered the basis of Chinese culture especially extended families , when several generations are living together in one house . The elder generation is respected for their wisdom and usually they are provided with good pensions compared with that in other countries . It is important to know that Chinese family members tend to work as a team living under one roof as it is mentioned above . The family welfare is contributed by every family member , either young or elder . I understand that we should follow Chinese in certain traditions , customs . So , I would be provided with an opportunity to adopt some Chinese values as well as to share my culture and my knowledge with Chinese student . Furthermore , they are considered non-conflict people


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